Gov. Perry: We Teach Creationism in Texas

For Gov. Rick Perry so loved the Constitution that he was willing to ignore it. Gov. Perry must be so wrapped up in his recently-launched presidential campaign, that he’s starting to forget the Constitution and the oath of office in which he swore to uphold it. In a galling display of irresponsibility, Gov. Perry today […]

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Rick Perry’s Problem with Science Education

The culture wars will feature prominently in Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. The Texas Freedom Network has put together a primer on Gov. Perry’s record in the culture wars at Here, for example, is what the governor says about teaching “intelligent design”/creationism in public school science classes. From a […]

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A Victory for Science

That sound you hear is the collective heads of the anti-science lobby exploding. That other sound you hear is their two-year effort to undermine science education in Texas going down the drain. […]

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Anti-Science Forces Try to Spin Loss

We wondered how the evolution-deniers would spin this disastrous end to their two-year campaign to insert bogus criticisms of evolution into Texas science instructional materials. Predictably, we didn’t have to wait long. They are absurdly claiming they somehow won. The primary mouthpiece for the state’s anti-evolution lobby — the Texas-affiliate of Focus on the Family […]

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Science Education Triumphs in Texas

Moments ago TFN released the following statement on the vote this morning at the State Board of Education: TEXAS FREEDOM NETWORK STATEMENT TFN PRESIDENT KATHY MILLER: TEXAS KIDS, SOUND SCIENCE EDUCATION TRIUMPH IN SBOE VOTE New Instructional Materials Teach Sound Evolutionary Science FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 22, 2011 Today the State Board of Education voted […]

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