Dear Religious Right: It's Not About You

If you happened to be on Twitter or on your favorite conservative website on Sunday, you may have noticed the latest faux outrage on the right. Search engine Google, on its homepage, transformed its famous doodle into a version featuring the late labor leader Cesar Chavez. The Google Doodle has become a bit of an […]

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David Barton’s Problem with Hispanic Civil Rights Leaders

During the Texas State Board of Education‘s revision of social studies curriculum standards in 2009-10, David Barton insisted that the board delete labor and civil rights icon César Chávez from a section on citizenship in the Grade 5 standards: “(H)e certainly lacks the stature, impact, and overall contributions of so many others; and his open […]

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USNS César Chavez

Remember when phony historian and alleged social studies “expert” David Barton advised the Texas State Board of Education to strip out César Chavez from new social studies curriculum standards for public schools? Here’s what the head of the Texas-based group WallBuilders said in 2009: “(Chavez’s) open affiliation with Saul Alinsky’s movements certainly makes dubious that […]

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Gail Lowe’s Peculiar Ideas about ‘Citizenship’

Texas State Board of Education Chairwoman Gail Lowe has some peculiar views when it comes to teaching students about good citizenship. In her view, labor leader César Chavez and civil rights champion and former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall aren’t good role models for that. Right-wing critics want to censor discussion of Chavez and […]

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Blacklisting César Chavez

It didn’t take long for the absurdly unqualified ideologues appointed to a social studies curriculum panel by the Texas State Board of Education to start playing politics with our kids’ education. Two far-right members of the so-called “expert” panel guiding the curriculum revision are demanding that César Chavez — the renowned community and labor organizer and civil […]

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