Texas Eagle Forum and the Denton County Republican Party are promoting a conference this month that will ask attendees whether Texas should secede from the United States. The Blackstone Blitz Workshop on the Constitution is set for Jan. 15 at a Baptist church in Lewisville just outside Dallas. Among the topics: * How can we employ the worldview approach to understanding and reviving the Constitution? * Who is the Constitution’s worst enemy? * How can we effectively fight this enemy? * What are the primary Judeo-Christian principles we must define and defend? * Is there any validity to Humanists’ call for “relativism,” separation,” pluralism/diversity,” “tolerance,” etc.? * Can Americans do anything to curb the courts – replace judicial supremacy with constitutional supremacy? * Can Texas secede? If so, should we? The conference is a project of the Abilene (Texas)-based Blackstone Institute, an openly militant promoter of the "culture wars" whose mission "is to declare and defend the Judeo-Christian worldview of the Constitution, law, philosophy, and theology with programs that inform and inspire." "America is engulfed in the all-consuming flames of a Culture War from which no one and no area of American life can escape," the…… Read More