Just how bizarre was Texas radio commentator Alex Jones’ wild-eyed gun rant on Piers Morgan’s CNN program on Monday? Speaking on CNN Newsroom Tuesday, Morgan himself called the tirade “startling,” “terrifying” and “completely deluded”:

“I can’t think of a better advertisement for gun control than Alex Jones’ interview last night. It was startling, it was terrifying in parts, it was completely deluded. It was based on a premise of making Americans so fearful that they all rush out to buy even more guns. It showed no compassion whatsoever to the victims of gun shootings, and the kind of twisted way that he turned everything into this assault on the Second Amendment is exactly what the gun rights lobby people do. And it’s a lie. It cannot be allowed to continue.”

But things got even more bizarre after the Morgan-Jones interview on Monday. Jones posted an online video claiming that he and a colleague were being followed by undercover police officers, one of whom had “violence in the eyes.” He even expressed concern that his life was in danger and pointed his finger at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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Need more evidence that Texas has become a prime breeding ground for the whack-a-doodle rightist fringe? Exhibit 492 (but who’s counting?): Austin-based radio commentator and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, exploding in mouth-foaming rage on Piers Morgan’s CNN program Monday. Jones talked about his support for a petition to deport Morgan, who has enraged pro-gun activists by calling for stronger firearms regulations following the slaughter of more than two dozen children and educators in Newtown, Connecticut, shortly before last Christmas.

Here’s part of one hyperbolic, eye-bulging rant Jones launched into during the program (video clip below):

 “I’m here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! Doesn’t matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street, begging for ’em to have their guns taken. We will not relinquish them. Do you understand?! That’s why you’re going to fail, and the establishment knows, no matter how much propaganda, the republic will rise again!”

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Two Texans are on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s new watch list of 30 influential radical-right leaders and activists in America today: history revisionist and “Christian nation” advocate David Barton of WallBuilders and conspiracy theorist and Patriot movement screamer Alex Jones of Austin.

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