Dan Patrick on Abortion: ‘It’s a God Issue’

State Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, had the following to say today as Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed into law his bill requiring women seeking an abortion to have a sonogram of the fetus at least 24 hours before the procedure. Sen. Patrick was responding to remarks by someone in the audience talking about women who have abortions being guilty of killing their children. Patrick said:

“The good news is through the blood of Jesus Christ he forgives, and women who have aborted children need to know that message … I believe this can be the beginning of the end of 75,000 abortions we have every year in Texas.”

Here’s video from the Texas Tribune:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TZVAsmqdhc&w=450&h=284]

Sen. Patrick also told listeners just before that comment:

“Standing for life isn’t a partisan issue. It’s a God issue.”

The Dallas Morning News has more here about Sen. Patrick’s comments.

Patrick made similar comments earlier in the legislative session when the sonogram bill was debated on the Senate floor.

Here’s video from earlier in the session:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvvx8isaU7I&w=450&h=284]

12 thoughts on “Dan Patrick on Abortion: ‘It’s a God Issue’

  1. Any lawyers out there who can speculate whether this bill will last? Won’t it face some additional legal challenges?

  2. Gotta pump more adoptable white babies into the pipeline to meet demand.

    Mark my word. If they were to abolish abortion for white women only and leave it open to black and Hispanic women, the picket lines would disappear at the abortion clinics, the anti-abortion organizations would all but disappear, the radio arguments against abortion would disappear, the aborted fetus paintings on trucks would disappear. The whole pro-life infrastructure (except for the Catholic Church—God bless them) would disappear. Exit the hated abortion doctor. Enter the beloved pest exterminator.

  3. So, do the women have to say who the father of the fetus is?
    Does the father of the fetus have to view the sonogram and listen to the explanation?
    How are we going to pay the increased welfare costs for teenaged mothers who become pregnant by family members?
    So, after the woman sees the sonogram and agrees to have the potential infant, does she sign a contract with the state
    never to abuse this potential child in the next 18 years?
    Who will pay the school taxes for the potential child? Who will employ the mother, or maybe the father?
    Who will pay the divorce costs of either parent who is married but no to each other?
    Who will pay the hospital costs of premature birth or disabled fetuses?
    I personally cannot afford to create another category of people to support, much like the prison population whom I must feed and house
    somehow. I just don’t see how more unwanted children in the world can be forced upon women who fought for birth rights years ago
    and won. I was told that my great-grandmother who lived in North Texas in the last 1800s was pregnant 24 times. Is this what
    Dan Patrick ,et al, want women to return . Frankly I just don’t think white Texas men or any others can support the number of children
    this law can produce. Maybe women can drop the infants off at the father’s door and just move on. Obviously, men legislators have
    thought about this more than I and are willing to raise more little Texans who will need them to finance services. Really?

  4. If men could get pregnant, the forgiveness wouldn’t be an issue. Abortion would be the eighth sacrament!

  5. @Dave G–Dave, I think you have nailed it!

    Actually, Florynce Kennedy was the one who first ‘nailed it’, in in her 1971 book, “Abortion Rap”, when she said, “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

  6. This country is not a Theocracy as much as Christians want it to be!!! Keep your beliefs to yourself and don’t impose them upon others. Republicans think it is a major intrusion upon their personal liberties to be forced to buy health insurance, but dictating what goes on inside my uterus is not intrusive??????

  7. “Get off my back”, the founders meant,
    Dispose of unfair government!

    You dare and ask me for ID,
    My skin is white, oh can’t you see?

    And though my judgment proves erratic,
    Don’t try to take my automatic.

    I’ll strap this iron on to my hip,
    Don’t count the bullets in my clip.

    These bulbs? You give me spirally ones,
    I like the bulbs that cost me tons!

    Recycling oil gives me no gain,
    I’ll dump it down a sewer drain.

    Don’t grope me through my shirt of flannel,
    Don’t line me up for your death panel.

    Don’t try to make me pay for schoolery,
    Teaching evolution foolery.

    A fire department we should not require,
    The solution is “just don’t catch fire”.

    I will not change my thermostats,
    Won’t conserve or protect habitats.

    Viagra for all, everyone can agree,
    It’s just between my doc and me.

    Out of his office it is hereby resolved,
    Unless there is a womb involved!

    This is America, it is not China ,
    Now put this wand up your vagina.

  8. It’s not “a god issue”. It’s a male chauvinist control issue. What happened to Pro-Choice? So as a woman I’m forced to be emotionally and psychologically manipulated by law having to see a sonogram of a fetus I didnt want to begin with? What if I was raped, I’d be forced to look at and be reminded of the result of some monster’s fucking me against my will? Another aspect about being “Legally” forced to have a sonogram that I find amusing, is how I am not “legally” forced to have a physical or screening for cancer, which would actually benefit my physical health and well-being, but the gov. would never enforce basic health care for All Americans, because they want us to be weak and sick and poor and apathetic so we don’t actually fight back as our “rights” become further manipulated.

    What about the already overflowing adoption agencies? Most people don’t adopt, anyway, with all the futile excess of paper work,as well as, the expense. Then you have another issue of foster children who are tossed from home to home as if they were just a temporary excuse for a family to “have a go” at parenting, all the while what they’re really waiting for is that check in the mail at the end of the month.

    These children are often abused and neglected, and are churned out every year, and after living a so-called life constantly having to adapt, (not by choice), to an inconsistent, inexcusable environment, once they turn 18 the state spits them out, lacking any aquired skills or care, because truth of the matter is majority of these children are not given adequate love or care, and once the money stops coming the “stand in parents” tend to step out of these kids lives forever, abandoning them.

    If choice is taken away the above is sometimes the result. I am Pro- Choice, it doesn’t mean I’m anti-life, as much as the Puritans want to believe, but as the saying goes, “My body, my choice.”