David Barton doesn’t pretend to be just a historian. He also appears to see himself as qualified to judge who is a real Christian and who isn’t. See here, for example. Our friends at Right Wing Watch heard him do it again Wednesday on his WallBuilders Live! radio program.

Lamenting the fact that polls show many young Christians don’t think homosexuality and abortion are sins and that some have had abortions or are LGBT themselves, Barton insisted that they — those young folks — can’t really be Christians:

“Whoa. There is nothing in the Bible — nothing — that aligns with this. How can you be a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ when you don’t follow his teachings on these things?”

Here’s a fuller audio clip provided by Right Wing Watch:

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Bill Moyers hosted TFN founder and current Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards on the latest episode of his PBS show to discuss the religious-right crusade against reproductive rights. Here, a synopsis of the show followed by the full invterview:

Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision establishing a woman’s right to an abortion, was issued 41 years ago. Despite consistent public opinion to the contrary, conservatives and the religious right have patiently and relentlessly campaigned against it for decades. And recently, their efforts are finding some success. Two major rulings by the Supreme Court this last session limited health insurance coverage for contraception and gave protesters increased rights to demonstrate outside abortion clinics. Several states — especially in the South — in the name, legislators say, of women’s health, have passed regulations that creatively use technicalities to force clinics to close.

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When Texas lawmakers passed some of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion legislation one year ago, they agued they were simply trying to protect women’s health. Abortion facilities were unsafe for women, they said. New regulations, such as requiring clinics providing abortion care to be ambulatory surgical centers and their doctors to have admitting privileges at area hospitals, they insisted, were intended to protect women’s health.

They lied. We said so then. The facts a year later show we were right.

Health experts last year pointed out repeatedly that the new regulations were medically unnecessary. Here’s how the Texas Tribune explained it last September:

(A) Texas Tribune review of state inspection records for 36 abortion clinics from the year preceding the lawmakers’ vote turned up little evidence to suggest the facilities were putting patients in imminent danger. State auditors identified 19 regulatory violations that they said presented a risk to patient safety at six abortion clinics that are not ambulatory surgical centers in Texas. None was severe enough to warrant financial penalties, according to the Department of State Health Services, which deemed the facilities’ corrective action plans sufficient to protect patients.

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One year after the Texas Legislature passed some of the most extreme anti-abortion legislation in the nation, religious-right groups still treat supporters of women’s reproductive health care with open contempt. Today, for example, The Justice Foundation — a radical anti-abortion group based in San Antonio — sent out a nasty press release attacking the thousands of Texans who took part in the “people’s filibuster” at the at the State Capitol last summer.

In that press release Allan Parker, president of The Justice Foundation, calls those advocates of abortion rights a “mob”:

“I was there a year ago when mob rule was attempted in Texas. I was not there the night of the first filibuster, but I was at home watching it on my computer. The mob and Senator Wendy Davis accomplished through shouting, screaming and disruption, what they could not achieve through persuasion when the first filibuster worked to thwart the will of the majority.”

Parker fails to recount how anti-abortion lawmakers arrogantly shut down a public hearing on their bill, turning away many women who had waited for hours in a packed hearing room to speak out against the attack on women’s reproductive health care. He also doesn’t acknowledge how Senate leaders vandalized their own… Read More

Last summer, thousands of Texans flooded the state Capitol to oppose politicians who talk about freedom but then force ideological agendas on women and undermine their access to reproductive health care. Right-wing politicians and other extremists viciously derided those thousands of Texans who joined the “citizens’ filibuster” at the Capitol. They called supporters of women’s access to abortion care a “crazy mob,”  “pro-death,”  “stink stalking feminists” and “feminazis.” One far-right leader even called them “nasty” and suggested that they be sterilized.

One year later, the Texas Freedom Network has joined a coalition of organizations — including the Texas Research Institute, ACLU of Texas, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Whole Woman’s Health — to fight back and recapture the energy of last summer’s rallies against the extreme anti-abortion legislation, House Bill 2, that far-right lawmakers pushed through.

Click here to read a unique oral history of the “citizens’ filibuster” at the Capitol last year. The Filibuster Oral History Project offers first-person accounts of the dramatic events at the Capitol, all pulled from interviews with elected officials, organizational leaders and activists who were there. Whole Woman’s Health is also posting personal stories of women who have had to deal with the effects of… Read More

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To all who celebrate, we wish a very happy and sweet new year this Rosh Hashanah! We are incredibly grateful for the passionate Jewish leaders in our community working towards reproductive freedom, LGBTQ inclusion, and the empowerment of women. pic.twitter.com/jCcZ…