The ballot counting in key states has served as an important reminder: Every vote matters. Now we know that change is coming for our nation after four long years of darkness and division. Achieving this milestone reflects the long-term organizing that has occurred in many states across the country. Our long-term organizing in Texas continues. …… Read More

Turnout among young voters spiked in 2018, making the difference in close races across Texas and the rest of the nation. Now Texas Rising is working to build on that surge and get even more progressive young Texans to the polls for this year's election. Check the press release we just sent out. Read More

Texas Freedom Network

We are preparing for the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature and we need a couple of new members of the TFN team. We are hiring for a: ✔️ Political coordinator ✔️ Political intern For details and to apply --> #txlege…