SCOTUS Betrays Millions of Borrowers by Gutting Student Loan Forgiveness Program, Texas Freedom Network Responds

June 30, 2023

CONTACT: Imelda Mejia, [email protected]

AUSTIN, Texas — The Supreme Court today ruled the Biden Administration’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program unlawful after releasing their decisions on a pair of cases seeking to challenge the policy based on separation of powers.

The Court sided with six attorneys general who claimed the HEROES Act does not authorize Biden’s administration to forgive student debt, while they ruled the case levied by two individual borrowers had no standing.

Texas Freedom Network’s Vice President of Programs Marti Bier (they/them) issued the following response​:

“In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, education should be a right, not a privilege. Our Court has betrayed millions of young people who deserved to build thriving futures through higher education without having their financial freedom ruined by rising tuition costs that require underpaid families and teenagers to take on loans.

“While access to student loans has allowed first-generation college students, people of color, and all borrowers to access higher education — high interest rates and stagnating wages have left many crippled by this debt. Without student debt relief, millions of people from all zip codes, of every color, and backgrounds with varied resources will still be unable to build the same financial stability post-graduation as those who benefit from generational wealth.”