Staying Classy (Not)

The fringe right-wingers who descended on the big Conservative Political Action Committee confab in Washington, D.C., this week seem to think Thursday’s suicide-attack on an IRS building in Austin is good for a laugh.

Talking Points Memo quotes one CPAC speaker joking that he was worried notorious anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist might have flown that plane into the building. Yeah, so funny. The attack appears to have killed at least two people and severely burned another.

Check out TPM’s report here.

3 thoughts on “Staying Classy (Not)

  1. Speaking of the far right, IRS, taxes, and the national debt. Does anyone here ever wonder why the deficit and national debt are such a big political football, but both the Republican and Democratic parties continue to run both up like there is no tomorrow? Ever wonder why the Tea Party people worry about it so much? I can tell you why. The United States government has NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER to pay down the loan principal to China and the other loaner nations. Oh, we will pay the interest like the minimum $10.00 monthly payment on VISA, as long as it is convenient and affordable. The Tea Partiers are so worried because they are actually dumb enough to think we are going to pay it back. Think about it like this:

    1) China and all debtor nations demand immediate repayment of the principal. Uncle Sam says, “Sorry guys, I just don’t have the money right now, but I have a nice plutonium enema waiting for you if you try to collect it. End of story.

    2) China and the United States go to war—a war the Chinese military general staff knows (and has publicly admitted) would be suicide for China. They go anyway. The U.S. wins. The peace treaty requires China to forgive all principal and interest on the U.S. national debt. End of story.

  2. The tea partiers are made up of several groups. The original tea partiers/libertarians, who don’t like to pay taxes, the racist/gun-worshippers, the anti-abortion/evangelical fanatics that got behind the health reform protests after Justice Sotomayor was confirmed, and the neocon/torture enthusiasts who need someone to hate.
    Mostly idiots. They’re bankrolled by Health Ins and Big Oil lobbyists and astroturf orgs like Americans for Prosperity and Freedomworks. The pandering from the Pawlenty’s of Nuthin’ et al. makes no sense.
    The states are going to be completely broke again in short order and the Governors are going to find themselves begging for more stimulus money from the federal government.