Statement from TFN President Kathy Miller on Evolution Poll

Statement from TFN President Kathy Miller on Evolution Poll

‘Strengths and Weaknesses’ Is a Political Gimmick Masquerading as Science

February 13, 2009

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller is issuing the following statement regarding yesterday’s release of a public opinion poll about teaching evolution. The Free Market Foundation Texas affiliate for the Christian-right organization Focus on the Family released the poll results.

“Language like ‘strengths and weaknesses’ exploits the desire most people have for fairness. But there’s nothing fair about handicapping our kids with a 19st-century education in their 21st-century science classrooms. That language is just a political gimmick masquerading as science. The reality is that scientists have repeatedly debunked the phony ‘weaknesses’ of evolution pushed by political pressure groups like the Free Market Foundation.”

Miller noted that a Texas Freedom Network Education Fund survey released in November of last year found that 94 percent of biologists on the faculty of Texas public and private universities disagree that “‘weaknesses’ advanced by proponents of creationism or intelligent design represent valid scientific objections to evolution.” The report on what Texas science faculty think about teaching evolution and “intelligent design”/creationism is available here.

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