Stand with Texas Women, Wear Orange, Again

We just sent out this message on behalf of Kathy to our friends and supporters. If you’re in the Austin area next Thursday, we encourage you to join us.

They promised to hear us on women’s health. Let’s make sure they do.

Next Thursday, Feb. 20, state Sen. Jane Nelson will convene the committee she chairs, Senate Health and Human Services, to ostensibly talk about women’s health. This is the only scheduled hearing on the matter this year.

But strangely, there are a few things missing from the agenda. There’s no indication the committee intends to talk about abortion care, sex education or the disastrous consequences of legislation passed over the last two legislative sessions. Make no mistake, a serious conversation about women’s health includes all of the above.

So I ask you to do one of two things, or both, to show your support for all aspects of women’s healthcare:

  • Come to the hearing next Thursday and tell the committee how their attacks on women’s healthcare have affected you and your community (9 a.m. in room E1.036 of the Capitol extension).
  • Stand with Texas women once again as we descend on the Capitol to make our voices heard (12:15 p.m., in the outdoor rotunda of the Capitol extension).


When the Senate passed restrictive anti-abortion regulations last summer, Sen. Nelson, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and their allies promised all Texans a meaningful discussion about women’s health. Let’s ensure this isn’t just an opportunity for them to brag about how they “care” about women’s healthcare.

Hope to see you next Thursday.

Kathy Miller
TFN President

P.S. Don’t forget to wear your orange. And feel free to bring a friend.

One thought on “Stand with Texas Women, Wear Orange, Again

  1. if i could use one term to describe the essence of the Republican Party today, it would be “two-faced.” This is a perfect example. Call a meeting to discuss women’s issues and leave out half of the issues. This party has used the same strategy for decades with its base. Court the Religious Right, do a lot of Jesus talk to get their votes, and then be very careful to never deliver anything meaningful. Then make fun of conservative Christians in private at Republican cocktail parties.

    When will they ever wake up?