Spreading the Word about Science, Evolution and Texas

News about the battle in Texas between creationists and supporters of sound science in public schools has now reached the pages of Daily Kos. The progressive mega-blog takes aim at Don McLeroy, a Bryan dentist and creationist who serves as the Texas State Board of Education‘s chairman:

An exciting, recent fossil find suggest Texas was a hotbed of primate evolution 45 million years ago. Unfortunately, as the Texas Freedom Network has been blogging for months, recent history suggests Texas is leading the rest of the nation backwards in our understanding of science in general and evolution specifically.

Doesn’t matter that the major denominations of Christianity accept evolutionary biology. McLeroy and his creationista comrades will pull out all stops to make the good people of the Lone Star State the next national laughing stock, rile up otherwise good neighbors until they’re locked in bitter combat with one another deep in the heart of Texas, and ultimately leave local property owners liable for the massive bills they leave behind.

The word is spreading. No longer is the religious right able to use stealth tactics in promoting an agenda hostile to religious freedom and sound public schools. Don’t forget to sign on to the Texas Freedom Network’s Stand Up for Science petition and campaign here.

2 thoughts on “Spreading the Word about Science, Evolution and Texas

  1. Any word on how Laura Ewing, Edra Bogle, and other pro-science SBOE challengers are doing? If even one of the creation pseudoscience supporters gets voted out it would be a huge victory.

  2. It’s difficult to know how the Ewing and Bogle races will turn out. There is no public polling for the two contests available. Both districts lean strongly Republican, however.