Sound Science Education Wins in Louisiana

The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Schools voted 8-2 today to approve new biology textbooks that creationists relentlessly attacked because of their coverage of evolutionary science. Today’s vote represents a huge setback for religious-right pressure groups like the Louisiana Family Forum, which demanded that the textbooks include creationist ideology based on junk science.

The Louisiana Coalition for Science, which championed sound education throughout the debate, has more here. The National Center for Science Education has details here. TFN Insider reported about the Louisiana textbook battle here and here.

8 thoughts on “Sound Science Education Wins in Louisiana

  1. We here in LA LA Land (its not just California any more) have had a rare moment of sanity. In a state where the Governor and State Legislature are intent on destroying higher education (we are facing draconian cuts in the higher ed budget) the BESE has approved new science books for future purchase. The foes of evolution and good science have been dealt a significant blow. Although the war is not over, at least we won this battle. But who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of the legislature this spring. Some more anti-science bills I suspect. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the Louisiana Family Forum and the Discovery Institute.

  2. You know something. I have been observing the Louisiana Family Forum web site for the past several days. They have no articles about textbooks, evolution, creationism, etc. In fact, the place looks as dead and unused as a ghost town in the old west. I wonder how they carry on their activities? Does TFN know?

  3. Love the Louisiana Family Forum web site; particularly, the Action Center page. See the poll question:

    Do you support BESE’s decision today to approve a list of Biology textbooks with known false and inaccurate information?

    Slanted poll question aside, right now, it’s 97% in favor, with 9165 votes cast.

  4. I’m reading the posts in newest to oldest, so I missed the earlier references to the poll. Great to see how many people voted.

    1. We suppose there aren’t many Louisiana Family Forum supporters who check out the group’s website — or, at least, they don’t answer the online polls.

  5. I suspect something else TFN. I fear their biggest supporters are thousands of poor, working poor, and uneducated people that cannot afford to purchase a computer.

    They go down to their small church each Sunday, listen to how angry God is at them, recommit themselves to a regimen of rules to allay God’s anger, and pray they will not trip up so God will allow them to live until next Sunday. In other words, freedom in Christ has been turned into a heavy yoke of bondage, or as the Apostle Paul put it, the law is the way of death. In other words, Jesus is just an insurance policy—window dressing if you will—and the real meat meat of their faith is a competition to see who can transform themselves into the best Old Testament Jew.