*Sneak Preview* Just Say Don’t Know

by TFN

Teaching young people about sexuality and health should be serious business. But you wouldn’t know that from the materials used in many Texas classrooms…

Get a sneak peek at a video previewing the release of a new Texas Freedom Network Education Fund report on sexuality education in Texas public schools. (The scene in the video is pulled directly from materials actually used in Texas public school classrooms. We wish we were kidding.)



We will release the report at 11 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 24, at the Texas Capitol in Austin. You are welcome to join us on the North Steps of the Capitol for the press conference.

The full report – as well as two more videos – will also be available tomorrow on the Web site. So be sure to check back to www.JustSayDontKnow.org tomorrow after 11 a.m.

(Media Inquiries: Contact Dan Quinn at dan@tfn.org, or 512-322-0545.)


Texas Freedom Network

It took years to convince the @TXSBOE to create a Mexican American studies course for the state's public schools. It's great to see school districts offering it to students. cbsloc.al/3kKHvgR