Sharia Hysteria: Dancing with Bigots

As we have reported, an Arizona attorney and white supremacist who traffics in anti-Muslim and anti-black bigotry created the model legislation for House Bill 911, an anti-Sharia bill that passed the Texas House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee last week. And who is supporting HB 911?

One supporter testifying in favor of state Rep. Leo Berman’s bill during the Texas House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee hearing on April 4 described herself as a “national member of ACT! For America.” ACT! describes itself as providing “American citizens a means to be a collective voice for the democratic values of Western Civilization, such as the celebration of life and liberty, as opposed to the authoritarian values of radical Islam, such as the celebration of death, terror and tyranny.” In truth, ACT! works overtime to smear all Muslims as “radicals” and “militants.”

The Anti-Defamation League notes that ACT!’s founder, a Christian immigrant from Lebanon, sees all Muslims as a threat. ADL quotes from ACT! founder Brigitte Gabriel’s book They Must Be Stopped; Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It:

“It is not yet politically correct to talk about a religious war. But this is exactly what we are facing: a religious war declared by devout Muslims. It’s not radical Islam. It’s what Islam is at its core.”

ACT! opposes all immigration by Muslims to the United States — in fact, Gabriel has claimed that tens of thousands of Muslims are already in the United States as sleeper agents who have already infiltrated the government, law enforcement, the CIA and the FBI. Those militants apparently are the vanguard of a vast operation to conquer the United States and turn the world into an Islamic state.

Not surprisingly, ACT! appeals to a broad range of paranoid people whose bigotry isn’t restricted to targeting just Muslims. Last month, for example, People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch reported about the head of the Sarasota, Fla., chapter of ACT!, Rich Swier. Swier has been warning that history classes in our nations’ schools are teaching children to be anti-American:

“I would encourage every parent and grandparent that [sic] look at your child’s and grandchild’s textbook, it is not the same textbook that you grew up with, it is dramatically different, it is I would almost say anti-American.”

And what would be “pro-American”? Just the day before, Swier — a Tea Party activist — provided some insight into his own version of “pro-American” when he warned about the coming “extinction” of white people in this country. In an e-mail to Tea Party Nation supporters, Swier argued that “anti-family government programs,” efforts to “redefine marriage,” and other alleged horrors are lowering the fertility rate of white people in America:

“The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) population in America is headed for extinction and with it our economy, well-being and survival as a uniquely America culture. This county is dying not because it is aging, it is dying because of infertility as public policy.”

As we said, this isn’t surprising.

7 thoughts on “Sharia Hysteria: Dancing with Bigots

  1. NO religion needs any extra support. This site often seems to throw a lot of support to muslims because the xtian idiots in Texas are your natural adversaries. If you think for one minute the religious nutz who are muslims will see you as as some kind of wonderful little friend YOU’RE nuts. You make yourself a, “useful idiot.”

    Why don’t you keep this site on track? It is about freedom. That mean individuals, not institutions. ALL religions are dangerous when secular restrictions are removed.

  2. “efforts to “redefine marriage,” and other alleged horrors are lowering the fertility rate of white people in America:” Yes, because if we don’t allow gay dudes to marry, they’ll totally be having sex with chicks.

  3. Jay, you seem to confuse throwing “a lot of support to muslims” with throwing support to anyone who is being denied their First Amendment rights, and with ensuring that separation of church and state is maintained.

    “If you think for one minute the religious nutz who are muslims will see you as as some kind of wonderful little friend”

    Where has anyone suggested that this is the case? I don’t think your assertions are valid or accurate.

  4. As a certified White Anglo Saxon Protestant Episcopal (WASPE) albeit with some Scot-Irish and German mixture that makes culture steely and sharp. Having blessed the planet with the gold standard of governance commensurate with the exemplary rights of Englishmen, it is only right and proper to nurture and protect the growth of the Anglo-American political, social, and eocnomic polity.

    This transition, like any, has it’s fits and starts largely due to rather un-British or un-American treatment such as the Irish and Scots got from the Kings of England for excessive rambunctiousness. What is most disturbing is hijacking the banner of Saints George, Andrew, and Patrick as well as Old Glory to advocate the old standards of assault and battery instead of the Common Law and Consitutions both British and American. We WASPEs had to learn by trial and error of the follies of drum head court and the headsman.

    Regarless of the single most idiotic PSYOP compaign by those who profane the Gods by project the faces of the Four Horses on God. It usually is a projection of anger against one’s parents onto the face of God. That’s blaspemy, regardless of where Jihadi or thier twin, ACT!.

    Where is the House Un-American Committee when you need it?

  5. I agree with Ben. I don’t think TFN is siding with Muslims as a preferred religion. All we are saying is that this is the United States of America and there is freedom of religion here for everyone, which basically helps people to avoid killing each other because my dog is bigger, better, faster, and shinier than you dog. (Ken-L Ration 1960s)

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