Texas House Advances Bill Banning Lifesaving Transgender Healthcare for Youth, Ignores Medical Evidence and Public Outcry

May 12, 2023

CONTACT: Emily Witt, [email protected]

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas House today voted to advance Senate Bill 14 during its second reading. If the bill passes a third reading and is signed by the Governor, the legislation would ban healthcare for transgender youth in Texas, including puberty blockers and hormone therapy.

SB 14 passed through the State Senate on April 4. Before today, two floor debates for the bill were halted after points of order sent the bill back to the House Committee on Public Health.

Texas Freedom Network Vice President of Programs Marti Bier (they/them) issued the following response​:

“I am floored by the cruelty and moral hypocrisy of this bill. Access to transgender healthcare can be lifesaving for transgender youth; this evidence-based healthcare is supported by every major medical association nationwide. Still, members of our State Legislature are determined to insert themselves in the private health decisions made between loving, affirming families and their trusted medical providers. This has been a devastating day for our community and the families this bill will undoubtedly displace or tear apart. We will never stop fighting alongside our partners to create a future where transgender youth, adults, and their families are safe and free to exist in their own home state.”

Opponents of SB 14 brought 18 amendments to the House floor, including an amendment requesting the commission conduct a study to evaluate suicide rates among youth affected by the bill. Every amendment was rejected.