Real Respect for Religious Freedom Isn't Disappointing

Peggy Venable, head of the Texas chapter of the right-wing group Americans for Prosperity, doesn’t seem to understand the concept of religious freedom very well. Here’s what she tweeted about state Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin, as the Texas House began what is always a long day at the end of a legislative session:


Not all Texans share the same religious beliefs, of course. Nor does religious faith require (nor necessarily benefit) from the favor of government. So we see nothing disappointing about giving legislators the opportunity to pray or reflect individually, in their own ways, on the important day before them. Rep. Howard simply demonstrated real respect for religious freedom for all.

We are also proud to say that Rep. Howard served for a number of years on the Texas Freedom Network’s Board of Directors.

3 thoughts on “Real Respect for Religious Freedom Isn't Disappointing

  1. Peggy Venable is a theocrat. She has no clue what religious freedom means.

  2. Those who represent the people need to understand what ‘those rights’ the people have been given. Separation of Church and State is a fundamental right that was written within the Constitution by the Founding Fathers’. For those who don’t ‘get this’, it is NOT BRINGING IN Religion into ANYTHING that has to do with making laws for the people. Texan’s have a GIANTIC problem with this. Texans are the worst bashiers of those who may have another religion other than Christianity, which many Americans do, who are just as equal in the eye of Constitutional law as any Christian is, but immediately there seem to be undeniably reason for having to defend one’s ‘different’ religion rather than just acknowledged by all to be equal which they are under the law, so when religion is brought into the government, is causes immediate barriers to getting things done and governing is the primarily reason and focus. Religion doesn’t belong in government and by law doesn’t exist, but those in Texas, beat this ‘dead horse’, just like it is now. (voter, mother, grandmother, Vietnam veteran)