Protecting Your Religious Freedom — So Long as You’re Christian?


That’s a tweet today from the Texas Senate Republican Caucus. Apparently, nothing says “protecting your religious freedom” better than saying it while promoting the symbol of the majority religious faith. Courageous, yes?

9 thoughts on “Protecting Your Religious Freedom — So Long as You’re Christian?

  1. Why don’t our elected officials uphold the US Constitution by valuing and defending the separation of church and state?

    1. Because they don’t CARE about the Constitution. Look at what they’re preparing to do to block same-sex marriage. What are they afraid of?
      People keep voting for the same inferior “representatives” over and over again and expect things to change for the positive.

  2. How in the world can people still think that this is a Christian nation? The evidence is overwhelming.

    It is no wonder that church attendance is crashing. People are too intelligent to swallow the myths that Christianity want to peddle.

    In particular, they are showing their intolerance by passing so-called RFRA laws that show just how badly they hate people who are not like them. It is disgusting.


  3. Well, it isn’t like the Texas Senate Republican Caucus would have even a remote interest in protecting the “religious freedom” of anyone other than their base.

    That term is getting pretty Orwellian in its typical application recently, isn’t it? Newspeak may need a few updates.

  4. I never really thought this was a Christian nation in the first place. I am not sure David Barton is very fair in his historical analysis.

  5. I suppose no one has noticed that the lettering and symbolism on the flag are all “white,” which I suppose is a way of saying White People Christianity is the official religion of the Texas State Senate.

    If I were an out-of-state company looking to build a new office or factory in Texas, and I valued more than just money, there is no way in Heaven or Hell that I would move anything to Texas with this sort of crap going on in the state. I wonder when the rest of the nation is going to wake up to the FACT that Texas has become a laughable loony bin—certifiable.

    Anyone who wishes is welcome to visit my new blog at the following link:

    1. I looked at your blog and found many interesting statements I agree with. However, I don’t understand why you used the image of a person with a “Monday-Friday job down at the feed store or on the factory assembly line” as a derogatory description of preachers at “First Church of Bob” type churches. By all means, criticize and analyze the forces of fundamentalism, but please don’t use honest hard work as put-down of anybody. Thank you.

  6. Yeah, just wondering how much these so called “christians” would support any other religion in their so called RFRA laws? I think we all know the answer don’t we?