by Jose Medina

The bodies of the innocent victims of the Colorado shooting early this morning haven’t even been removed from the theater and Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, which sponsored Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer rally last year and has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is already out with his “We brought it on ourselves” theory (paging John Hagee).

In Fischer speak this means that a lone gunman opening fire in a crowded theater is the fault of the gays, the Muslims and all other non-Christians, RINOs, Democrats, anyone living in San Francisco, foreigners, the cast of Glee, Chief Justice John Roberts and the Affordable Care Act, JC Penney, Mitt Romney’s openly gay former foreign policy adviser, the liberal media, poor people, etc.

Oh, and science. Let’s not forget science.



Has Democratic Sen. Eddie Lucio taken even more money from super-rich Republican donors since ***checks notes*** we learned yesterday the large amounts they've already given him? #SD27 #RGV…