Power was taken away from the SBOE in 1995. Let’s keep it that way.

Far-right Texas State Board of Education members have been carrying a grudge since 1995. That’s the year legislators said “enough!” and passed a law to limit the board’s ability to censor textbook content, like the science of evolution. Activists on and off the board have been mad at that change ever since. This year, they’re making a strong push to undo those limits with House Bill 1291.

If HB 1291 passes, board members will once again have the power to censor textbook content simply by calling it “unsuitable” for children. That would be amazing power in the hands of individuals who have in years past argued that topics like the accurate history of slavery and civil rights struggles are not suitable for children.

Call to your senator today and tell them to vote “no” on HB 1291.

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When you call, tell your senator:

  • HB1291 would allow state board members to reject textbooks with content they deem as not “suitable for the subject matter and grade level for which the instructional material was submitted.” Such a subjective standard opens the door to members demanding the removal of any content they dislike.
  • This provision would return Texas to the pre-1995 days when board members could freely demand that publishers make textbook changes to address their personal and political objections to content.
  • Censorship hides factual information from students but also limits choices for school districts.

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Download TFN’s fact sheet on HB 1291