Political Activist: 'CSCOPE Must Die'

by Dan Quinn


That’s a tweet this morning from one of the political activists who has helped organize the right-wing witch hunt against the CSCOPE curriculum management system. She absurdly claims that CSCOPE’s lessons (written by current and retired Texas teachers) are anti-American and are being used to indoctrinate kids into communism and Islam.

These activists are determined to destroy entirely a tool that hundreds of public school districts — nearly 80 percent of the districts in Texas — use to map out how to cover all of the complicated and unwieldy curriculum standards passed by the State Board of Education. Never mind what local school districts want. These irrational activists think local administrators and teachers simply can’t be trusted to do their jobs. Teachers need political overseers in Austin, you see. In fact, Sen. Dan Patrick, the Republican chairman of the Senate Education Committee, has even said he wants the state to monitor all online instructional materials. He has also threatened to report teachers to the Texas Attorney General’s Office if they choose to continue using CSCOPE lessons in their own classrooms. (What the Texas AG could actually do about that, other than harass teachers, is a mystery.)

The next time you hear tea party and other right-wing activists scream about their support for “local control,” don’t believe a word of it. They’re interested only in “control.”

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Gregorio Casar

It’s like I’ve been saying. @GregAbbott_TX and @RepDennisBonnen care more about attacking our local democracies than actually improving living conditions for Texans. You don’t even have to take my word for it, Bonnen’s clearly happy to say the quiet part out loud. twitter.com/WellsDun…