Obama, Biden, Clinton All Signal Support for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

With the Nov. 3 vote just days away, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) is getting support from major national leaders.

Today the White House released a statement announcing the support of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for protecting all Houstonians — regardless of race, religion, sex, military status, sexual orientation, gender identity and other characteristics — from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. From the White House statement today:

“While the Administration generally does not take a formal position on specific proposals or initiatives, the President and Vice President have been strong supporters of state and local efforts to protect Americans from being discriminated against based on who they are and who they love. We’re confident that the citizens of Houston will vote in favor of fairness and equality.”

In addition, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — who has also served as a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State — tweeted her support for HERO:

Religious-right groups have run a vicious campaign attacking HERO and its protections against discrimination. You can stand up for equality under the law for all by voting YES for Proposition 1. Early voting ends Friday, and election day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. Learn more about the campaign for HERO — including early voting locations in Houston — here.

8 thoughts on “Obama, Biden, Clinton All Signal Support for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

  1. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE who are against HERO are the last remaining righteous remnants of the one true Christian church during these End Times when people have forsaken Right Doctrine. Out of the 1.5 billion people on Planet Earth who claim to be Christians, we and we alone are the only “true” Christians.

    The Holy Bible in the Old Testament says that all homosexuals must be killed. This is the requirement of the Lord, but our governments at all levels have strayed from the way of the Lord and refused to make his Holy Law part of civil and criminal law in Texas. If we cannot kill homosexuals, how then can we please the Lord and reap the associated blessings for the great State of Texas, the City of Houston, and our homes?

    We believe that the Lord will forgive us of our failure to kill homosexuals if we can institute a church-based program of private sector persecution and torture against these sexual perverts. There is more than one way to kill a homosexual for the Lord, and that is to make their everyday lives in Texas a state of personal Hell hour-in and hour-out 365 days per year. You know. Create for them a “Living Death” while they are here on this Earth.

    One way we can do that—if we can get God’s people to vote against this abomination called HERO—is to prevent them from buying goods and services in Houston. We have an old saying in Texas: “Everybody’s got to eat.” Well, what if we could fix it so homosexual perverts in Houston can have a really hard time getting something to eat?

    It would be easy to do as long as this HERO thing gets voted down. Conservative churches in each neighborhood across Houston could initiate a program to identify the God-hated homo perverts that live in each Houston neighborhood. All the kids in the Houston public schools know who the young homos are, and they will rat on them too. The older ones will be easy enough to identify. Then we could pass those lists around to all the owners/managers of private, Christian-owned grocery stores in Houston—like the IGA Markets. Then when a homo comes in the store to buy a loaf of bread or a pound of ground beef, we can say: “Our store is Christian-owned and does not serve homosexual perverts like you. Please put your items here so we can delouse them, leave the store, and do not ever come back again.” That will get the message across!!! And the beauty of this thing—the real beauty of it—is that we can do this at the barber shop, hair salon, drugstores, hardware stores, clothing stores, restaurants, etc. You name it. The sky is the limit. This list of businesses is a mile long!!!

    As you can see, we “true” Christians—if we band together against HERO—can make the lives of these Houston homosexuals miserable—like I said earlier—a living death—and we can do it all for Jesus!!! Oh!!!!!!!!! I can just see the mighty rewards and blessings God is going to bestow on our beloved Houston for doing this mighty service in his Holy Name. However, sorry to say, none of this glorious service to our Lord will ever be possible if HERO is approved. That is why it is absolutely necessary that all right-thinking and Godly Christians vote against HERO. Vote against HERO—and by so doing—kill a fag for Jesus.

    1. H-m-m-m-m. this appears to have been written by my arch nemesis S.A.R. Casm. But it sure does get across the raw essence of what is at stake in this HERO vote. Sounds to me like some people in Houston want cowboy “Kristallnacht.” Go to Wikipedia and look up the word.

  2. What is homosexuality? Is it something called the “gay agenda?” Nope.
    Think back to when you first noticed a person to whom you were attracted. Did you make a DECISION? Of did it happened on its own?
    Sexuality is fixed in our brains during gestation. There is no decision to make, it is something that simply happens automatically.
    One fine day boys had cooties all over them. The next day, WOW, where did they come from? They were beautiful! I did not make a decision to be attracted to the opposite sex, it just happened, the same thing that happened to you.
    Most of us are born heterosexual, the rest are attracted to the same sex. IT IS THE MOST NATURAL THING IN THE WORLD!
    The more “religious” people are, the more full of hate they are when it comes to something they do not understand and chief of them is homosexuality and transgendered people. The stick to what they think the bible says and I pity them. It has to be terrible to waste your life filled with hate for people you do not know or even understand.
    Those opposed to HERO are, to me, disgusting and have no worth.

    1. When I see the words of Jesus and the words of the ancient Jewish writers such as Amos, I do have to say that I see very little of Yahweh in this anti-HERO bunch. They deserve a good ass kicking, and I suspect they are going to get it on November 3.

  3. God and Jesus don’t need help from these tin-horn bigots. If God and Jesus really hate LGBTQ individuals, They have all the resources They need to do the job Themselves. Will God’s feelings be hurt to see how these religious righties are treating His beloved creations? If these righties think God and Jesus are talking to them and telling them to do violence in Their Names, there are some guys in white uniforms carrying a strait jacket and actively searching for them. And finally, the human rights of others should never be put to a vote.