Not All Barriers Are Created Equal, Apparently

Earlier today, San Antonio Express-News reporter Kolten Parker live-tweeted a meeting of the paper’s editorial board with the three Republican candidates in the state Senate District 25 race.

Here’s a picture:

The contest is between incumbent state Sen. Donna Campbell, former San Antonio city councilor Elisa Chan and former Bexar County commissioner Mike Novak.

At one point, Sen. Campbell said this:

An overwhelming majority of Texans would likely be in favor of Sen. Campbell’s plan. Who could possible be against making it easier for parentless children to find a loving home?

But then, a follow-up question:

And there you have it.

6 thoughts on “Not All Barriers Are Created Equal, Apparently

  1. What would one expect Elisa Chan to say on anything about equality for gay people? Remember that she was a very loud dissenter to San Antonio’s recent nondiscrimination ordinance and was voice-recorded as saying gay people are “disgusting.” Even when the author of the ordinance pulled veterans out of the protected class and created a separate ordinance for veteran protections, Chan voted against that separate ordinance as well. Once she is in hate mode, she seems unable to shift gears. It will be interesting to see who can out-hate the other: Cambell or Chan. Both have phenomenal reserves for such.

    1. NB: Chan’s opposition to San Antonio’s nondiscrimination ordinance was just before she “pulled a Palin” and resigned from SA City Council. Gotta keep the base happy, right, Elisa?

  2. Mike Novak should be able to win this contest between two undesirables. Chan still has some support despite her airing her bigoted views. Campbell can’t seem to act freely without consulting her evangelicalism which apparently has caused cognitive constipation.

  3. Unfortunately, in TX, especially suburban/rural areas, it ain’t the candidates, it’s the actual VOTERS. If more of the eligible voters in that district actually voted rather than just the vicious hell-bent to- keep-everyone-in-their-place rightwingers, then the homophobe (Chan) and the Bible-puppet (Campbell) probably would be long forgotten.