News or Propaganda?

One News Now, the propaganda arm of the far-right group American Family Association, has an article about a poll portrayed as showing that Americans “fear” President Obama’s re-election this year:

According to the new poll from Washington Whispers, a feature in the U.S. News & World Report since 1933, when asked “what news event [Americans] feared the most in 2012,” they responded — by a 2-to-1 margin — “President Obama’s re-election.” While only 16 percent said they fear Obama will not win a second term, 33 percent said they fear four more years.

Then the article quotes right-wing blogger Les Rayburn:

“Most Americans are terrified. President Obama … he’s made it very clear that he’s out to destroy the United States.”

So 33 percent somehow represents “most Americans”? In addition, we suspect that not all of that 33 percent see President Obama’s re-election in such apocalyptic terms. On the other hand, it’s certainly possible given that the propaganda from the far right in recent years has been increasingly extreme and irresponsibly apocalyptic.

We’ll also note that the American Family Association is a hate group that organized a prayer rally for Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Houston the week before Perry announced his run for the presidency last August.

6 thoughts on “News or Propaganda?

  1. I get these GOP opinion polls and they are designed to produce only results that fit the bill. These are sent primarily to donors and are worthless in determining the tone of the electorate, as well as reinforcing their own delusions.

  2. Looks like US News & World Report is also presenting that poll in a misleading manner. Or am I missing something?

  3. “President Obama … he’s made it very clear that he’s out to destroy the United States.”

    When was that, exactly, when he made that so clear? I think I missed it……

  4. OK, let’s analyze this for a moment. Let’s give the morons the thesis that Obama is “out to destroy America.”

    First, how would Obama do that?

    Second, why? What’s the point?

    Suppose I decide to destroy Houston and succeed. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I destroyed Houston! It’s in ruins! Businesses have collapsed, social services have collapsed, there is anarchy in the streets! OK, now I’m going home, cook up some burgers on the grill and watch the game on TV. Tomorrow I’m going to destroy Austin!

    OK, that doesn’t make sense. How about this: Obama and the effete, intellectual elite of the East Coast want to “destroy America” so they can fan out across the mid-west and run the farms and diners in small towns. Yeah, right.

    I know! Obama want’s the power to lock up anybody he doesn’t like without due process and throw away the key. Well, except George Bush already secured that power and used it in Gitmo.

    I must say I am corn-fused! Anybody got a clue?

  5. I have a clue.

    It takes super hero powers to destroy America, and the only people who possess and know how to use such vast powers are…wait for it…wait for it….wait for it—negroes.

    As my dear deceased racist uncle used to put it,”The black people hate all of us. If they had treated our people the way we have treated their people, we would want to kill them all. So, it only makes sense that they want to kill all of us—and they’d be right in doing it.”

    Now, there’s the negro motive to destroy America in the red state whacko mind.

    All a negro has to do to achieve it is to sit in the White House for four more years. Apparently, even with super hero powers and a righteous motive, it still takes negroes—-on average—- about 8 years to destroy America. This means that Mr. Obama is only 50 percent finished with the job.

    However, by the same calculus that led to the above, one ordinary, white, conservative, wingnut, Republican man with no super hero powers has the ability to unravel and fix in just 4 years everything the negro was able to destroy with superpowers in the previous 4 years.

    Make sense to anyone? Me neither.