More on Those CSCOPE Lessons

Educator Ed Darrell has been digging into the far right’s anti-CSCOPE witch hunt on his illuminating and wonderfully named blog, Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub. He has some good information on the lessons right-wingers have been distorting in their absurd attempts to smear the folks behind that curriculum management system, which is used in hundreds of Texas public and parochial schools. His take on the critics behind the hyperbolic political attacks on CSCOPE:

These critics are the epitome of knee-jerk reactionaries:  If there is a word about something they don’t like, they assume the entire piece is tainted and biased against them.  If you said, ‘We say the Pledge of Allegiance every day as a defense against communism,’ they’d claim you’re teaching communism.

That’s about right. Check out Ed’s CSCOPE posts here. We’ve got more on the CSCOPE “controversy” here.

Ed, by the way, got into education late in his career. His other work has included political campaigns, legislative staffing, executive agencies, law and the private sector. Check out his blog for some interesting reading on a variety of topics.

2 thoughts on “More on Those CSCOPE Lessons

  1. Apparently, those rightwingnuts haven’t noticed that we’ve caught onto their crap. We know that they’re going to react negatively to everything. It’s either too old or too new; either too long or too short; either too much or too little; either too late or too soon, etc, ad infinitum. Maybe we should start laughing right in their faces; they’re such dim bulbs, however, that they might not even realize it.

  2. Can you tell me which right-wing nut said if you don’t say the Pledge everyday that you are promoting communism?