More on the Groups Behind Today's Religious-Right Conference in Dallas

Our friends at Right Wing Watch have more about United in Purpose, one of the group’s behind a religious-right conference a at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport hotel today. We reported about the conference earlier this month. Following is a cross-post from Right Wing Watch:

Today, Religious Right leaders including Rick Scarborough, David Barton, Jim Garlow and Glenn Beck are meeting with Religious Right and Tea Party activists in Dallas at a summit “bringing together leaders of conservative organizations from around the country to brainstorm and strategize on how to get out the vote for the 2014 midterm elections.”

The summit is being jointly organized by Rick Scarborough’s Tea Party Unity and United In Purpose, a voter-mobilization group funded largely by Silicon Valley venture capitalists that partnered with several dozen Religious Right and Tea Party groups in the lead-up to the 2012 elections with the goal of getting five million new evangelical Christian voters to the polls .

United In Purpose, which received national news coverage for its data-driven efforts in 2011 and 2012, has what you might call a long-term goal: it is closely tied to advocates of “Seven Mountains Dominionism,” who aim to have conservative Christians take control of every aspect of government, business and the culture in order to pave the way for the return of Christ.

United in Purpose is led by Bill Dallas, a former broadcast executive who is also on thesteering committee of Tea Party Unity. The board of its political armconsists of Barton, a pseudo-historian and “Seven Mountains” advocate, and former congressman Bob McEwan. Its education arm’s board consists of Ken Eldred – a major funder of the Seven Mountains movement — and pollster George Barna.

United in Purpose was involved in organizing Rick Perry’s 2011 “The Response” prayer rally, the event that meant to launch the Texas governor’s presidential campaign but ended up just highlighting his extremism because of its ties with Seven Mountains theology.

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3 thoughts on “More on the Groups Behind Today's Religious-Right Conference in Dallas

  1. From the Right Wing Watch article: “The project’s website says its mission is “to get unregistered Christians registered to vote, educated in the Biblical worldview, and voting accordingly on Election Day.” As part of this “worldview” education, the group distributes a guide called “Developing a Biblical Worldview,” which explains that “there are basically two worldviews: Biblical and atheistic.” The guide includes a helpful “worldview comparison chart” contrasting the two mindsets. For instance, the guide reports, the biblical worldview on marriage is “one man united with one woman” while the atheistic worldview is “lives by no real moral code – do whatever feels good, no accountability, self serving, me focused.”

    I have to point out something important here. This is not a Christian worldview or even a universal Biblical worldview that these people are espousing. It is a narrow, nutball Christian fundamentalist worldview that misunderstands the bible and flies in the face of much of the rest of Christendom and sound Biblical scholarship. The only question is how many weak minds these Satanic people will deceive as a result of their meeting.

  2. This has always been the Mocrat’s problem and where the Moral Majority succeeded in the 80’s: getting out the vote.

    Nutballs are voted into office if they receive more votes than the rational candidate. Simple math.

    As long as moderates, independents, liberals, rationalists and such like-minded citizens sit on their collective duffs and don’t vote, the elected officials will be dominated by nutballs and we have only ourselves to blame.

    Vote! Get your friends to vote! Make a difference.