More on That McLeroy Book Endorsement

by TFN

It was stunning, of course, to see that Texas State Board of Education chairman Don McLeroy, R-Bryan, endorsed a truly kooky and insulting book that attacks the faith of people who accept the science of evolution and calls parents “monsters” and pastors “morons” if they want to teach kids about that key scientific concept. But here’s something we missed about the book’s author, Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. Two excerpts from a Christian Newswire press release dated September 22 of last year:

In a series of essays published at, author Robert Bowie Johnson Jr. presents evidence that Barack Obama is directly linked to Satanic teachings through his close association with Oprah Winfrey, who parrots and relentlessly promotes, worldwide, the anti-Christian doctrine of her guru, Eckhart Tolle.

“The voting public has a right to know to what degree Barack Obama, who has called himself a ‘committed Christian,’ considers himself and his wife to be integral parts of Oprah’s and Tolle’s New Age global tribe, a tribe that has adopted the “wisdom” of the ancient serpent as its own,” Mr. Johnson said.

You can read the full release here. We wonder: does Chairman McLeroy also think President Obama is under the influence of Satanic teachings? Inquiring minds want to know.

(Fort Worth Star-Telegram writer Bud Kennedy mentions Johnson’s Satan-Obama accusation in a column today.)