More Nonsense from Abstinence-Only Fanatics: ‘Drug-Based Sex Ed’

Abstinence-only activists are increasingly concerned that more and more school districts in Texas are moving to sex education policies that include medically accurate information on condoms and other forms of contraception and STD prevention. Their latest worry: Round Rock Independent School District just north of Austin.

The lawyer/lobbyist for Free Market Foundation Liberty Institute Texas Values, the Texas affiliate of Focus on the Family, posted to his Twitter account this morning:

Round Rock ISD meet 2night 2 discuss using drug-based sex ed, teach middle school kids bout implants, morn after pill.

What’s this all about? Round Rock’s school board is scheduled today to discuss a recommendation from the district’s School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) to include instruction on contraception beginning in eighth grade. Under the recommendation, sex education would include discussion of contraceptive methods such as condoms, spermicides, IUDs, natural family planning (rhythm method) and the withdrawal method. The classes would also include information on birth control pills, implants and emergency contraception.

The latter group of methods, apparently, is what religious-righters now call “drug-based sex education.” Of course, they probably hope the phrase will have parents imagining teens learning about sex in opium dens and crack houses. This isn’t the first time abstinence-only groups have used this “drug-based” nonsense.

But here’s some irony: Round Rock schools currently use a sex education program that abstinence-only activists have loved. A TFN Education Fund report in 2009 identified that program, Worth the Wait, as one of a number of problematic abstinence-only curricula used in Texas public schools. A follow-up TFNEF report in 2011, however, noted that Worth the Wait had added a section on contraception for school districts that want it. Round Rock is considering using that section along with its other Worth the Wait materials.

But now abstinence-only groups like Free Market Foundation Liberty Institute Texas Values are attacking the Worth the Wait program for promoting “drug-based sex ed.” They want Worth the Wait — and Round Rock — to stick to keeping students ignorant about responsible pregnancy and disease prevention in a state with one of the highest teen birthrates in the nation.

6 thoughts on “More Nonsense from Abstinence-Only Fanatics: ‘Drug-Based Sex Ed’

  1. Oh, my state, my state…. Recently learned my now-20 year old’s first time was at age 14. Thank the stars he knew what a condom was… and still does.

  2. Their comedy continues–and it’s not funny at all. I’m at least glad to hear that Worth the Wait finally included the added information. My guess is they figured out that to sell their materials to the many more communities and schools who understand the need for comprehensive sex education they better make some much needed changes.

  3. Yesterday morning, looking for amusement, I flipped on “Frances and Friends” while eating breakfast. Frances is one Frances Swaggart, wife of Jimmy, mother of Donnie. She has some pretty whacked-out guests on her show ergo my interest. And I would be remiss if I did not mention that Frances is an extremely cold piece of work, in fact she is just plain mean. That helps explain Jimmy’s penchant for limos and prostitutes back in the day.

    At any rate Donnie Swaggart was also on the show and weighed in with some insightful comments. At one point he said that “handing out condoms to high school students is just like handing out needles to addicts.”

    If Donnie doesn’t make it a preacher he surely has a bright future in Texas as sex-ed teacher.

  4. Let me start off by stating that I am NOT A CHRISTIAN. However, when known hate groups claim to be Christian, it not only offends me, but every one of my Christian friends.

    When my daughter was approaching adolescence, a “Christian” neighbor told my daughter that she could not play with her daughter again (she was my daughter’s best friend) because she might leader her daughter “astray.”

    My daughter became pregnant three years after she was married at age 24; my “Christian” friend’s daughter was knocked up at age 14.

    My daughter began using “the pill” when she was 19 because she knew that she might become sexually active. We’d discussed it and thought that she had made a good adult decision. My friend’s daughter who had been kept totally ignorant of what causes babies got knocked up the first time she had sex!

    Those so-called Christians (Xians, really) are just like the governor of this state: Ignorant, backward, close-minded and frankly, a bunch of bigots.

    President Obama is already being compared with the late President Lincoln because of many of the parallels they share in their governance of the Union. Why Xians, whose only behaviors are hatred of anyone who is not like them, just like Muslims, think they have anything in common with Christians is beyond me.

    Just because I am not a Christian does not mean that I have not read the New Testament. I have. In both Greek and English and the difference between the two are enormous. That said, however, is that Jesus said, “You shall know my followers by their LOVE.” Based on that and that only, the Xians are nowhere near being Christians.

    Knowing many loving Christians, I know the difference between people who really follow Jesus’ thoughts and I’ve met, unfortunately, those who simply hate, hate, and hate.

    I love many Christians with all my heart; I despise the people who are Anti-Christ and still call themselves by the name that should reflect love.