More about the Religious Right’s ‘Prayercast’

TalkingPointsMemo now has a full report up on last night’s “prayercast,” an event hosted by the far-right Family Research Council to oppose health care reform in Congress. A couple of quotes from speakers helps reveal the tone of the event:

From Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.:

“Whether they’ve been mesmerized by the president or just convinced somehow in their own heart, we just need to pray that God’ll channel their hearts to realize that the exceptional nature of this country did come from government control of everything, but from limited government, and a free people with Judeo-Christian principles, that created the character and integrity that made this country work.”

From James Dobson of Focus on the Family:

“I just pray that You will frustrate the plans of the Evil One, and revive us again with conviction and forgiveness. Show us how we can further your cause, Lord and advance your kingdom, and we will be careful to give you the praise. Just begin a revival in our hearts that will restore us as one nation under God.”

Read the full report here.

7 thoughts on “More about the Religious Right’s ‘Prayercast’

  1. I will never cease to be amazed that so called Christians don’t care how many people die and live shorter, more painful lives because they can’t get or afford health insurance.

    It’s lunancy.

    All of these “good Christians” will think differently the day they loose their jobs and can’t afford or don’t qualify for health insurance and drain their savings to the point of bankruptcy.

    For those that oppose healthcare reform I can only pray, with respect to Luke 23:34, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

  2. Folks. This has been a really rough day for me emotionally on a couple of fronts. Then I had to come here and have the two quotes above put the bitter icing on the cake of my day. It almost makes me want to puke. Two comments:

    1) No Christian principles, character, or integrity are involved when the richest nation in the world denies health care to its own poor, sick, and suffering people. People like Jim DeMint and James Dobson have apparently concluded that “money” is more important than “people.” Therefore, I see nothing of Jesus in what they espouse. These are people who think their tax dollars should be given back to them so their fat bellies and wallets can cover a hot fudge brownie to round out lunch rather than put that money towards caring for a sick child with no insurance. This is evil and selfishness—pure and simple. These idiots do not seem to realize that the churches of this country do not have the capacity to care for sick people. Most churches in my area would be unable to finance the treatment of even one cancer patient. I know my church would be unable. However, the government can do this by taking some of our tax dollars and applying it to hurting places in people’s lives. Basically, DeMint and Dobson are saying that our country cannot afford health care because we need more BMWs on the road, so Jesus is just fine with letting millions of people who could be cured just go ahead and die out. Here is what they would say because I have seen this corrupt BS, which is all RECENT Christian Neo-Fundamentalist theological malarkey. They would say that the Bible only mentions help for the sick through the church or individual charitable contributions. The goverment has no Biblical right to help the sick—so screw those people—let them all die. I wish Jesus were here right now. If He were, you folks would get to watch one of the best doggone butt kickings you could ever imagine. He’d line DeMint, Dobson, and the whole bunch of them up and soon have them wearing their buttholes as necklaces.

    2) I like Dobson’s prayer. He just needs to realize that he and his soldout friends are the one’s in the grip of the Evil One and that everyone needs to be praying for their release before some uninsured kid comes down with cancer in January.

    Unbelievable—just unbelievable. Puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. PHarvey. People in general are not very smart or discerning. All you have to do is look at an IQ bell curve. Have you looked at one lately?

  4. Thanks Ben.

    It was just a day of job interviews gone wrong (i.e., before calling me in, they forgot to mention that the position required extensive nationwide traveling). I love actually being up in the air (no fear of heights or anything like that), but I get extremely ill from motion sickness and can no longer take the meds. necessary to deal with it. They didn’t work all that well anyway. It’s pretty rough out here in the unemployment lines, “Say, Buddy, can you spare a dime.”

    I kind of figure it like this Ben. When the Republicans or some Independent gets in office in 2012, they will implement policies that will put all of us out of work, and there will be no such thing as unemployment insurance. Too socialistic. They’ll get rid of that. Everyone will have to take the “personal responsibility” necessary to learn how to make soup by boiling our own shoes. Personally, I like a good penny loafer stew with a piquant touch of rosemary and sea salt. How about you?