McLeroy Confirmation Alert: Call Your Senator

Word is that Don McLeroy‘s name is on the list of nominees distributed to state senators in Austin today. That means his confirmation as chairman of the Texas State Board of Education could come up for debate and a vote as early as this afternoon, although it’s more likely tomorrow.

We know that far-right groups have been bombarding Capitol offices with phone calls and e-mails in support of McLeroy’s confirmation. Make sure senators know that mainstream Texans are fed up with seeing our public schools dragged into the nation’s divisive culture wars. If you haven’t done so already, please ask your senator to oppose McLeroy’s confirmation. Tell your senator that this vote is a referendum on whether the Senate wants a state board chairman who promotes his own personal and political agendas ahead of the interests of Texas schoolchildren and their families. You can find your senator’s name and contact information here. Then please let us know what you hear from your senator’s office by e-mailing [email protected].

13 thoughts on “McLeroy Confirmation Alert: Call Your Senator

  1. Sorry TFN. We are all out grilling hamburgers and hotdogs because we know that—no matter what else we do—no one is going to grill McLeroy. Good sense appears to be greatly outnumbered in Texas. I apologize for being so cynical, but I feel that every word I have ever written here was a waste of time that made no difference. A base of 30,000 supporters is not large enough to move issues in a state the size of Texas. Something like 3,000,000 is what you really need.

  2. I called them all several times. They all know he is a loser. They really don’t want to take this vote and have to vote against him because he is a Republican. Political pressure is the only thing that got it to the floor.

  3. The Austin American-Statesman is reporting that Democrats claim to have enough votes to block McLeroy. We’ll soon learn whether they’re right.

  4. It should be good news if McLeroy confirmation is not passed, but could it make the situation worse? I would hope that the process would send a message to the creationists on the SBOE that they can’t push their religious beliefs into the public school system, but I don’t think it will. They probably see this as an injustice, and they need to fight harder to save the children of Texas. McLeroy will still be on the board, and it would not be out of the question if Perry appoints someone like Dunbar as the chairman.

    I still think it’s correct to not confirm McLeroy, hopefully that will be the case, and Perry will appoint someone reasonable.

  5. Re: Ralph Arvesen’s note. If McLeroy isn’t confirmed, then Perry will probably nominate another social conservative, like Mercer or Bradley, in order to hold onto his base for the gubernatorial primary. The new chair would be worse than McLeroy, who in my experience has been the most honorable and fair-minded of the SBOE’s social conservatives.

    But that’s not the whole story. Mercer or Bradley or whoever Perry picks would be working without Senate approval, which would limit his influence. In fact, he would be working over explicit Senate *disapproval* of the direction the SBOE has been going. On the other hand, if McLeroy if confirmed, we’ll have an extremist chair who can claim to be working with the Senate’s approval.

    Both sides have turned McLeroy’s confirmation into a vote-of-confidence in the SBOE’s direction. If that’s the question, then the only reasonable answer is “no”. Make that “hell, no!” Call your senator now.

    1. We’re hearing today that McLeroy’s confirmation vote could come Wednesday or Thursday. It’s a moving target. Opposition to his confirmation seems to be firming up, which might explain the delay in bringing the issue to a vote. Far-right groups probably want more time to put pressure on senators, and those groups have the ear of the leadership right now.

  6. If the Leadership listens to those far right groups, they are going to find themselves out of a job when the Eisenhower Republicans take over the national and state parties. They will be purged as certainly as rain falls from the sky. The only smart move now is to turn a deaf ear to the far right and try to paint yourself as a Republican moderate in the Texas legislature. When the inquisition comes—and it will come—having a few sensible and moderate votes to display as evidence may mean the difference between political life and death for these legistators. Canning McLeroy would be a good and safe vote for a legislator who will one day have to make that case—and they will one day have to make that case—and that day is coming soon. It is time to pony up to the bar Texas legislators and vote against McLeroy to save your long-term political skins. Ignore this wisdom at your own peril.

  7. Charles, but politicians are not that smart. They are short sighted and only care about the next vote.

    You are asking politicians to think ahead, use maturity and wisdom, be fair, balanced, and exhibit a degree of tolerance.

    That’s an awful lot to expect from a Texas Republican.

    They will all get purged in the next couple of years as you say.

  8. My senator is Mr. Ken Mercer. Is there any point in my calling him? He’s just another McLeroy, isn’t he?