Love Wins! Supreme Court Rules for the Freedom to Marry

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller just issued the following statement following today’s U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling striking down state bans on same-sex marriage:

“Today’s historic court decision for the freedom to marry joins other landmark rulings that have moved this country closer to the Constitution’s promise of equality under the law for all Americans. This is a truly life-affirming moment for so many gay and lesbian couples who want to make the same lifetime commitment to the person they love and protect their families the same way everyone else does.

Now all public officials in Texas should carry out their duty to uphold the Constitution by swiftly implementing this decision. No obstruction. No excuses. No politics.

We have seen in recent months a large and growing number of Texans, including business and faith leaders, rise in opposition to discrimination against LGBT people and their families. They have rejected the cynical and dishonest political argument that freedom from discrimination somehow conflicts with religious liberty. Both clearly can coexist.

In fact, today’s decision is an important affirmation of religious freedom. It does not force clergy to perform same-sex weddings. But it does respect clergy whose faith calls on them to celebrate and honor the marriages of gay and lesbian couples as well as marriages of straight couples. They have been blessing same-sex unions for years. Now those marriages will also be recognized in law.

But while we celebrate today’s court ruling, we should remember that gay and transgender people in much of Texas can still be fired from their jobs, denied housing or refused public services simply because of who they are and whom they love. Texas is better than that. Work is still needed to ensure that marriage equality blossoms into broader equality for LGBT Texans. So today we call on our state’s leaders to move forward with legislation protecting all Texans from unfair discrimination.”

Texas lawmakers in the recently ended legislative session debated whether the state should obey a Supreme Court decision for the freedom to marry. But six bills designed to subvert this ruling failed to pass the Legislature. Additional bills allowing the use of religion to discriminate against gay and lesbian families also failed.

The Supreme Court ruling also comes as the Texas Freedom Network celebrates its 20th anniversary. TFN has been and remains a strong supporter of equality for LGBT Texans and their families.

9 thoughts on “Love Wins! Supreme Court Rules for the Freedom to Marry

  1. Atty Genl Ken Paxton warned county clerks to wait for direction “from this office” (meaning Paxton’s) before issuing marriage licenses to all. Sorry, Ken, that ain’t stopping Travis, Bexar and other county clerks from letting freedom to marry ring.
    Here in Bexar County, our REPUBLICAN county clerk has been hoping that marriage equality would become the law of the land — as it has. He said yesterday that he is ready to issue marriage licenses and will stay open past hours if there is a demand.
    I hope I catch a bouquet or several!

  2. Paxton needs to learn what a SCOTUS ruling means. It has nothing to do with what ANYONE ELSE says or does, it is the law of the land and if Paxon doesn’t like it, he can always resign (which I hope he will.)

    The HATE STATES have lost, LOVE has won. And as a person who is approved by the state to perform marriages, I will immediately make my availability known.

    Congratulations to all of the LGBT community.

    1. Amazed, your pity is not needed. Please tell us how happily married couples interferes with your life? You can STILL believe whatever you want, you just will have to believe it with that nice married couple, Stanley and Jose, living next door and that other nice married couple, Joanne and Becky, down the block.
      Try to celebrate our love and not nourish your own hatred. It can make you sick!

    2. I feel sorry for someone who believes in the devil! Now, the Tooth Fairy, that’s totally believable.

  3. Southern, straight Christian here. This is a great day for civil rights in our country. My only fear—especially living down South—is that emancipation occurred today—and tomorrow begins 100 years of “Dick Brain Crow.” It will begin with the bigots in Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical churches and the toadstool politicians that deceive them for votes. Gay couple just married moves into small southern town. Local fundie church gets outraged. Good ole boys in church knock on gay married people’s door at 3:00 a.m. Headline: “Gay Spouses Found in Woods: One Hung–Other Burned Alive.”

    In light of President Obama’s speech at the funeral in Charleston today, it now behooves every sane and liberty-loving American to keep a close personal eye on their Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical neighbors—just like you would potential Islamic terrorists. Note the people among them who are outraged by today’s ruling and seem overly agitated. Keep an eye on local extremism and extremist rhetoric in their churches in the areas where you live. If you hear rumors and rumblings of “Night Rider” type activity and ant-gay criminal plots through the local gossip grapevine in your communities—contact your lawyer and go straight to the police. Contact your lawyer because the local police and sheriff may be parties to the Night Rider activity through their own Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical churches. At the first sign of illegal activity—move swiftly to legally stop the evil and bring the culprits to justice—and make sure the court system comes down hard on the culprits.

    I am not suggesting that you discriminate against or do hateful and unlawful acts against Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals. The LAST THING you want to do in this life is to mimic their unkind behavior and treat them in the mean-spirited way they treat other people. NEVER BE LIKE THEM. Just watch them closely and let them know that they are being watched closely by the local citizenry—and they will quickly get the message that no “Night Rider” activity of any kind will be tolerated in your local community.

    Jim Crow activities and laws against black people could have been prevented after 1870 if only good men and women had stood up and said: “We are not going to tolerate this kind of oppression in the land of the free and the home of the brave.” The clock starts now. Work hard to PREVENT 100 years of Jim Crow against gay people—and especially married gay people. Evil criminal behavior by Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals triumphs only when good men and women keep their eyes closed, their ears plugged, and their mouths shut. Quietly watch the fundies in your midst and keep a close eye on them. At the first sign of illegal activity, report it to the cops and nail their hides to the wall.