Live Blogging the Texas Science Debate IV

by TFN

2:56 – Barbara Cargill now offers an amendment for Earth and Space Science designed to challenge the Big Bang theory. She wants teachers to tell students that there are different estimates of the age of the universe. (Like, maybe billions of years vs. 10,000?)

3:00 – Cargill says she has no intention to open the door to teaching creationist suggestions on the age of the universe. Uh huh. Right.

3:02 – Cargill slipped up a little while ago, saying “universal common design” instead of “universal common descent.” Oops. A revealing slip, yes?

3:05 – Cargill’s amendment passes 11-3.

3:09 – These and other Cargill amendments are designed to fudge science, making it more tentative on key points.

3:15 – Gail Lowe offers an amendment to the environmental systems course for high school. The current standard: “discuss the positive and negative influence of commonly held ethical beliefs on scientific practices such as methods used to increase food production or the existence of global warming.” Lowe wants to drop global warming. Mavis Knight suggests that students be asked to analyze and evaluate differing views on the existence of global warming. The revised amendment passes.

3:25 – The board has just voted to pass the amended standards on for consideration at the final board meeting tomorrow.

3:35 – We will be wrapping up this live-blogging now. We’ll be back for the final vote tomorrow.



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