The Lies They Tell

Dave Welch, the Houston hate-monger who runs the right-wing U.S./Texas/Houston Area Pastor Council, played a leading role last year in promoting the deeply misleading argument that the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance would give sexual predators access to women’s restrooms. Of course, this bathroom predator argument, which we’re now hearing around the country, is essentially a lie.

But that hasn’t stopped Welch and others who support discrimination against LGBT folks. They even seem to be trying to tie just about any assault or harassment in a public restroom to protections for transgender folks. Here, for example, is a screenshot from an email last Friday from Welch’s group:


Check out the photo, which clearly suggests that the attack had something to do with allowing transgender folks to use public restrooms that are appropriate to their gender identity.

As Internet truth-checker Snopes points out, Welch’s organization isn’t the only right-wing group twisting the facts about this and similar stories to push their agenda. In fact, the assault noted in that news story had nothing to do with policies protecting transgender people from discrimination. Welch and his fellow hate-mongers are simply trying to mislead and frighten people — all in an effort to defend the right to discriminate.