Leo Berman to the ‘Rescue’

by Jose Medina

Well, I feel safer. Do you feel safer? We should all feel safer given the latest valiant effort by state Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, to keep us all safe from the phantom menace of Sharia law and its impending attack on the Texas court system.

Rep. Berman took to the Texas House floor Wednesday afternoon and successfully added his anti-Sharia law legislation as an amendment to a judiciary matters bill that was approved in the lower chamber and has been tossed to the Senate for its consideration.

The anti-Sharia measure was repeatedly pushed by Rep. Berman during the regular legislative session, but it didn’t get past the Legislature and on to the governor’s desk for his signature. Never one to let an opportunity to stoke an unfounded fear go to waste, Rep. Berman is using the special session of the Legislature to take another shot at Muslim Americans.

The difference this time around is that he was actually up front about how his amendment intended to ban Sharia law, a point he appeared to try to avoid during the regular legislative session.

Rep. Berman also told the House on Wednesday that 10 states already adjudicate court cases based on Sharia law. He hasn’t identified which states those are. (Surprise.)

We’ll keep you updated on what action the Senate takes on the measure. After all, perhaps you’re also getting tired of sleeping with one eye open and constantly spraying ourselves with Sharia repellant.

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