Ignorance-Only Sex ‘Education’

We reported some good news last week about sex education in Texas: various evidence-based, sex education programs in Texas are getting a total of more than $7.4 million in new federal grants. But there was bad news as well: Texas also got $5.4 million for abstinence-only programs that refuse to teach medically accurate information about condoms and other forms of responsible pregnancy and disease protection. Even worse: the Texas Tribune reports that the Texas Department of State Health Services decided not even to apply for $4.4 million in additional federal money that would have paid for programs that teach students about both abstinence and contraception.

A spokeswoman for the department said the decision was made after consultation with Gov. Rick Perry’s office. Regarding the $5.4 million in federal abstinence-only funding that the state sought (and will receive), the same spokeswoman said the state’s “first choice is that teens choose not to have sex.”

Well, that’s just swell, but too many teens clearly are skipping that choice. Texas has one of the high teen birth rates in the nation. We think a better “first choice” is to help ensure that teens have the information they need to protect their health and make important life decisions. But under the Perry administration, Texas is saddled with an “ignorance-only” approach to teaching young people about sexuality and health.

You can help change that in your local community. Learn how you can join a local School Health Advisory Council and promote evidence-based, responsible sex education where you live.

3 thoughts on “Ignorance-Only Sex ‘Education’

  1. “Well, that’s just swell, but too many teens clearly are skipping that choice.”

    That’s exactly right. They start skipping and pretty soon their bellies are swelling. “Eleanore, gee I think you’ve swelled. Ah-a-a-a-a-a-a!!!”

  2. Gov. Perry takes pride in not accepting money from Washington.

    He also takes pride in being stupid.

  3. The State Department of Health Services is not just one spokesperson. Who were the people who made this decision? I assume the Governor had to be notified that money was available for Texas and he said NO. What kind of idiots in the “health department” let this just go by unquestioned?? The Department consists of how many medical and non medical personnel? We need to make all of them accountable!