Houston Hate-Monger Steve Hotze: Transgender People Are Promoting a ‘Satanic Movement’

That’s Houston hate-monger Steve Hotze talking about transgender people on Sam Malone’s right-wing radio program this past Monday. Hotze continues to take his victory lap following the repeal of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance last month. Just listen to how Hotze and Malone ridicule and demonize transgender people. The ignorance and brazen bigotry would be shocking coming from almost anyone else:

Malone: It’s like you always said, “Alright, so I want to be a frog.” Then I go, “Dude, you’re not a frog.” “But I identify as a frog.” OK, but you’re not — you’re Steve. It’s a weird world.”

Hotze: It’s delusion. It’s deception and delusion. I think the whole thing is a Satanic movement on our country that is promoting evil of every kind and trying to force it upon the members of society. And men and women of faith have got to rise up and say we’re not going tolerate this. We’re gonna say no- this is unacceptable behavior, we’re not going promote it. And then we’re going to legitimize it and make it a minority class. Really?

3 thoughts on “Houston Hate-Monger Steve Hotze: Transgender People Are Promoting a ‘Satanic Movement’

  1. Satan this, Satan that, but they’ll never know the true meaning of The Satan.

    The Satan is the prosecuting attorney for God, providing he even exists.

    The only Satanic things I see are the bigots who try to talk about thing they do not know about.

    As a crisis interventionist/suicide prevention counselor I’ve spoken with several transgendered human beings.

    The problem with those bigots and hate mongers is that they reject science because science has finally identified what causes people to be LGBT. It happens DURING GESTATION, to make that a tad more understandable to the knuckle draggers, when a fetus is being made their sexual attraction and/or identity happens while still in the womb.
    In the case of these particular bigots they refuse to study what causes transgender behavior and desire to be a person of the other gender.
    If you could hear the heartbreaking stories to which I have listened it makes me so happy that my body and brain “fit.”
    Now what exactly is those bigots major maladjustment?

    1. Have you ever considered that the devil is a Christian god?

      They believe he’s here, he’s there, he’s hiding in that bottle of beer you want to drink. He’s responsible for everything that happens in the world.

      And God, should he or she exist, can’t do a thing to stop him.

      Did you know that there is an insect in Africa that lays its eggs in children’s eyes? When the larva hatch they blind the children.

      What kind of a loving God would create such a horrid creature? After all, he is supposed to be the creator of everything. That bug can only be the work of a truly malicious deity (Or of evolution). If Satan were the cause of it existing why would an omnipotent god allow it to exist?

      Methinks that the devil is just an excuse, a rationalization, to justify Hotze existing homophobia.