Help Us Spread the Message: Stand Up for Science in Texas

Last week we brought you the good news that publishers are, thus far, refusing to cave to demands by anti-evolution activists and climate change deniers to water down the science in proposed textbooks for Texas public schools.

Now that we have convinced publishers not to mess with science, we have to convince the State Board of Education.

You can help us start by spreading a message so simple even Texas politicians can’t miss the point:


All that stands between those textbooks and Texas classrooms is one last hurdle: politicians on the state board who have a long history of attacking science.

Help us spread the word about the board’s final November vote on the textbooks by sharing this image on your Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Help Us Spread the Message: Stand Up for Science in Texas

  1. Are y’all gonna make another run of T-shirts we can buy, ya know, patterned after that photo w/ the prairie dog….?

  2. It saddens me to think that you guys actually need to fight this stuff. If anyone tried to do this in Canada, i’d go postal.

  3. What the State Board needs to remember is that science is about cosmic order and religion is about cosmic purpose…