Has Peter Marshall Come Unhinged?

Reading his increasingly vitriolic commentaries, one begins to question the Rev. Peter Marshall‘s grasp of reality. Yet the State Board of Education put him in a prominent position to influence what millions of public school children in Texas will learn in their social studies classrooms. The mind still reels at the thought.

In any case, consider two recent commentaries posted on his website. Marshall’s July 22 commentary about Islam included this stunning and vicious attack on Muslim Americans:

“When it comes to the reality of Islam in America, can a good or devout Muslim be a good American? No. The answer, my friends, is a flat ‘no!’ The only Muslim that could possibly be a good American is a Muslim that is non-practicing, or one that is in the process of repudiating Islam. Why? Because Islam is completely incompatible with either Christianity or patriotic Americanism.”

Marshall then offered a bizarre rant about President Obama in his July 29 commentary:

(I)rony abounds when one realizes that our current President, who claimed in his election campaign to really be ‘one of the people,’ and that he could ‘hear’ the plights and needs of the poor, the less fortunate, etc., etc., is in fact the most elitist President in our entire history. He is the product of an elite Hawaiian prep school, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School. That’s about as elitist as it gets in America. Further, he was on the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School. When you listen to the velvet sounds of his mellifluous baritone you are hearing the carefully modulated expressions of one who has been groomed for his present position for a very long time. He is an elitist of the elite.

Wow. The president was raised mostly by a single mother and his middle-class grandparents. During part of his childhood, his family was forced to live on food stamps. Whether or not one agrees with President Obama’s political positions, it’s hard to see his background as anything like “elitist.” (And that’s certainly true when one considers the background of the president who preceded him in the White House.)

Yet does Marshall, who portrays himself as a conservative, see anything positive about a young man coming from such a modest background who gets accepted to and succeeds in some of the nation’s most respected academic institutions? No, Marshall bizarrely sees the president as an “elitist.” Seriously.

The hatred and contempt in his toxic words make Marshall sound increasingly unhinged. Yet radicals on the Texas State Board of Education somehow thought he was qualified to advise educators and scholars about what students should learn in their social studies classrooms. Why? Because they were more interested in promoting a political agenda than ensuring that students get a sound education that prepares them to succeed in college and their careers.

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  1. “Methinks he doth protesteth too much.”
    His income from donations, book sales, etc. have probably plummeted, and he’s probably seeing the end of the gravy train on the horizon.
    He’s probably trying to stir up a little “action”.

    1. Well, yes, in hindsight it all collapsed. Just like Oral Roberts. Most people have forgotten about him! Took money from the poor and poured it into his milti-million dollar campaigns.

  2. Charles is about to be profound here. Grab something nailed down and hang on.

    Consider the vast range of average and below average Americans on the classic bell curve. The number of people there is huge—most of the American population. What do these people long for? It too is a classic. They long for a college education for their child so he/she “…won’t have to struggle and will have a better life than I did.” Let that burn into your brain for a moment.


    When the child in question is successful and actually gets that sought after and highly valued college degree, he/she is suddenly lumped by some right-wing fruitcake into an amorphous category of hated people called “ELITEST.” Notice also that vast numbers of these fruitcakes are the the down-and-out parents who had long hoped that their child would achieve this education. So, what are these conservative, talk-radio-saturated parents across the railroad tracks saying to their children? It appears to be: “Honey, I want you to get a college education so you won’t have to scrape the garbage can of life like I did, but if you are successful, I will hate you for it!!!!” Let’s do that again:

    “Honey, I want you to get a college education so you won’t have to scrape the garbage can of life like I did, but if you are successful, I will hate you for it!!!”

    I don’t care if you are 18, 22, or 23 and working on your M.A. at Texas A&M, this is child abuse plain and simple. Why on planet Earth would you ordinary folks have these dreams for your children, and then let some Religious Right prick like Marshall convince you that the proper thing to do is hate your children because they have achieved the dream you had for them? Why would you allow him to lump your dear child into a category he calls “ELITIST” and has defined as evil? Have we gone totally to the fruitcake ovens in this country? Wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Riddle me that Batman

  3. Yep, it’s like Marshall hates education and hates the thought of anyone getting an education. He even ridicules the fact that Obama is articulate and can speak in a well-modulated voice. So, there’s something inherently wrong with that ability?

    I think Marshall is just p.o.’d that Obama is black, a Democrat, and somewhat of a progressive. I think that’s what’s got his panties in a twist.

    I was struck by this:
    “….Islam is completely incompatible with either Christianity or patriotic Americanism.”

    First of all, well, Islam is incompatible with Christianity, that’s true. Christianity is likewise at odds with Islam. So what? The unspoken premise here is that America is a “Christian” nation, that’s what. And I suppose it follows that only a Christian can be a “patriotic” American.

    Secondly, just what does it mean to be a “patriotic American”? And what is “patriotic Americanism”? I wish Marshall would have the chutzpah to define his terms. But of course, Marshall being Marshall, he’s incapable of that task.

  4. Too many Texas school children already have to take remedial courses just to be able to make it in Texas colleges and universities. If we can believe the Texas college professors that spoke out on the Peter Marshall, et al inspired trashing of the high school curriculum requirements, then we can expect even more remedial classes in Texas’ future. These subversives will make the US a third world country in short order. Why do they hate intelligent, educated people so much?

  5. I think the good Rev. Marshall is just using “elitist” as a euphemism for “uppity”.

  6. Frankly, I don’t know who that hate monger is, but I find it fascinating that an individual who supposedly subscribes to a religion that preaches love and toleration is a vendor of vile hatred toward anyone with whom he disagrees. Of course there are some out there who are degrees in line with their hatred: Rush, Palin, Beck and others of their ilk.

    Let’s keep in mind that most American voters are totally unaware of how they are being manipulated by the right wing(s) nor the impact of what they do when they enter the voting booth. Our kids are not being taught what they need in order to become educated voters (translation:
    they’re getting propaganda if anything; usually not even that).

  7. Apparently, we aren’t supposed to want an educated person for our president– unless his last name is Bush. (But perhaps Bush [Sr. or Jr., doesn’t matter] is an exception, because, although he went to eclusive prep schools and Ivy League universities, nobody has ever accused him of having learned much at them.

    This line of attack is not new in American politics. Remember when George H.W. Bush attacked Dukakis for being “a Harvard professor”? And, of course, every time someone points out that Sarah Palin doesn’t know much about, oh, anything, the commentor is sure to be attacked as “elitist.”

    Obama is “elite” in the sense that he attended and taught at schools most people consider to be very good. But that doesn’t make him “elitist”– someone who looks down on anyone without similar credentials. More eveidence would be needed to support that claim.

  8. David, well doesn’t that make perfect sense? The Theory of Relativity is a product of the mind of Albert Einstein. Einstein could not have been a Nazi so he must have been a lib. That’s how these simpleton RWNJs think.

    It’s not just Peter Marshall who has come unhinged. It’s the whole lot of ’em.

  9. Cytocop:

    Christmas andHannukah are coming up soon. I would say that you should be sure and get your fruitcake order in early, but it sounds as if Texas already has a more than ample supply. Some commodities are cheaper when purchased close to home. The nuts in the fruitcakes are harvested from RWNJs.

  10. Charles, I’d wait until September before shopping for that fruitcake, if you like it a bit more “spirited”. That’s when the campaigns will be trying to woo the moneyed interests, so the booze oughta be flowing like water by then.

    Mmmmmm…I like’s lotsa booze in my fruitcake. Or am I mistaking Rush Limbaugh for Rum Balls?

  11. Charles, yes it does make sense to buy my fruitcake locally because of the mass quantity of nuts in Texas. Remember, with them, anything concerned with the environment is satanical and marxist. So yes I should buy my fruitcake locally for the environmental interest and for the sake of pissing off the radcons.

    Been thinking: Energy = mass x speed of light squared.
    The equation E = mc2 indicates that energy always exhibits mass in whatever form the energy takes.

    Yep, that is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Marxist even a blind man would have seen it.

    Seriously, it’s just a continuation of the Republican War On Science. Everyone here should read that book of the same title authored by Chris Mooney, now available in paperback.

  12. Peter Marshall’s step sister Linda Lesourd Lader is a graduate of Yale Divinity School. His brother-in-law Philip Lader has degrees from several univesities including Oxford (England) and Harvard Law School. Philip was Bill Clinton’s US Ambassador to the UK 1997-2001. Peter Marshall has educational elitism in his own family. I’m not knocking the Laders, they are decent people with moderate Christian views and are heavily involved in religious, humanitarian and charitable work. Family gatherings must be interesting occasions for debate and disagreement. Linda is on the board of directors for Sojourners and also for Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation which aims to promote respect and understanding between the major religions.

    I do think Peter Marshall has becoming slightly unhinged in recent years. Has his wife died ? At one time he was assosciated with a Benny Hinn website, which I found extremely worrying and his re-writing of American history is deeply flawed. His reputation comes largely from the affection in which many older evangelicals held his parents and much of his income I imagine comes from the re-cycling of their books, tapes and pictures.

  13. Speaking of Benny Hinn, anyone remember Marjoe Gortner?
    Didn’t someone do a sting on Oral Roberts once and prove that he was a faker?

    Why do I feel like these guys are not ascendent, but that their baloney enterprises are beginning to evaporate, and that is why they’re desperate?
    As in , “I’m melting! I”m melting!”

  14. It is with profound sorrow that I inform you of the sudden death of The Rev. Peter J. Marshall on Wednesday, September 8, 2010. May he rest in peace.

    Thursday, September 9, 2010 Peter Jonathan Marshall (817) 995-1611
    Margaret Shannon (703) 671-8344


    The following statement was issued today by the children of the Reverend Peter J. Marshall, author and founder of Peter Marshall Ministries.

    It is with enormous sadness that we announce the sudden death of our father, the Reverend Peter J. Marshall, on Wednesday evening in Orleans, Massachusetts. He was 70 years old.

    Born on January 21, 1940, Peter John Marshall was the son of the Scottish minister, Dr. Peter Marshall, who became pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC, in 1937 and was appointed twice as Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, serving from January 1947 until his sudden death at the age of 46.

    Dad’s mother, Catherine Marshall, wrote the best-selling biography of her husband entitled A Man Called Peter. This book was later made into an Oscar-nominated film of the same title (1955) in which dad was portrayed as a young child by the actor Billy Chapin. Our grandmother went on to write over 20 books, including many editions of her husband’s sermons, several inspirational books, and the best-selling novel Christy.

    A graduate of Mount Hermon School in Northfield, MA, our father attended Yale University where he sang in the Yale Glee Club and earned a bachelor’s degree in history. He then entered Princeton Theological Seminary from which he was graduated in 1965 and ordained as a minister of the Presbyterian Church, USA. For the next twelve years, he served pastorates in West Hartford, CT, and East Dennis, MA. Since 1977, he had devoted himself to a nationwide ministry of preaching, teaching and writing. He co-authored three best-selling books—The Light and The Glory, From Sea to Shining Sea, and Sounding Forth the Trumpet.

    Rev. Marshall is survived by his children—Mary Elizabeth Marshall of Athens, NY; Peter Jonathan Marshall of Keller, TX; and David Christopher Marshall of New York City—two step-brothers, Chester LeSourd of Chattanooga, TN, and Jeffrey LeSourd of Lincoln, VA, a step-sister, Linda LeSourd Lader of Washington, DC, and Charleston, SC, and three grandchildren. Our mother, Edith Marshall Roberts, also survives.

    The Rite of Christian Burial will take place on Monday, September 13, at 10:00 a.m. at the Church of the Transfiguration, 5 Bay View Drive, Rock Harbor, in Orleans, MA. Interment follows in the Orleans Cemetery.

    1. If you follow fake preachers like Benny Hinn, Marjoe Gortner, et al, you will believe exactly what Satan wants you to believe. If you adhere to the principles of real men of God and not try to slander them as you do, your eyes will be opened to the truth of God. But, then again no person alone can make you believe in the true gospel. Only the Holy Spirit can and will do that. If you are on the road to hell, it is because you were born to it like ALL of us, but the Holy Spirit can divert your path and save you. He has already called you. He has already called ALL of mankind — but it refused Him. ONLY by God’s grace can His Holy Spirit then call you to salvation from your own condemnation by the fall of Adam AND then again by your first refusal. We were ALL born condemned, but He still called us knowing that we did not have the righteousness in ourselves to accept Him. So, it is by God’s grace and personal decision that anyone should be saved even though His fervent desire is that ALL should be saved.

  15. Peter Marshall was one of the finest men I’ve ever known. If anyone was ever a Godly man, it was he.
    I am very offended by the radical remarks you have made about him. He was dedicated to God and to the United States. He wanted people to know why and how this country was founded. Why would you not want your children to know the truth??
    Anonymous above me has said we should look to the future and focus on the world we’re creating for the next generation. T hat is a very scary place to be looking. Just what kind of world do you think we’re creating?? One where God is not number one…one where welfare and unemployment and free phones and all the other government programs are making people unproductive citizens while the rest of us who do work and who do not expect a free hand out from the government are being taxed to the point of losing what we work for so it can be handed to the ones who don’t…one where the economy is so far gone we may never dig out….and one who is so indebt to China?? As Peter has quoted, If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves……..then God will heal this land. The Bible also says that people who don’t work shouldn’t eat. Folks……when are we going to wake up and listen to the Word of God…and realize that He and He alone is our only hope??

  16. RIP Peter Marshall

    To quote James Madison, the “Father of the Constitiution”…

    “Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise.”
    -letter to Wm. Bradford, April 1, 1774

  17. “Without Religion this World would be Something not fit to be mentioned in polite Company, I mean Hell.” ~ John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, April 19, 1817

    It’s quite amazing how the vitriol of the extreme secular left and the Islamic radicals (who have always respectively been unhinged) is of no consequence in this severely wanting article.

    Yes, Peter John Marshall is resting in peace with all faithful servants of Our Lord and Savior.


  18. Peter Marshall passed away on September 8, 2010 . may light perpetual shine upon him.

    Personally, Peter became a friend in the early days of his pastoral ministry. He spoke on several occasions at my rural parish, and always drew large attendance. His early ministry became greatly engrossed in the teaching of Cay and Judy, the late founders of the Community of Jesus, Orleans, Massachusetts. Peter invited me to a clergy retreat with Cay and Judy, and I became involved with the teaching, as did my parish. Over a period of years, myself, along with several parishioners began to be awakened to the disastrous ministries of Cay and Judy, and we cut all ties with the same. Psychological ramifications of being part of the ministries of the Community of Jesus, took a large toll upon my personal life, my family and those within my parish. At a given point, Peter made a temporary break with the Community of Jesus, and during this time came to my home and stayed several days, and we became intensely engaged in the pros and cons of the Community of Jesus. Sad to share, he returned to the Community of Jesus, and continued to be an advocate of their ministires right up to his demise. Due to my rejection of the Community of Jesus, Peter chose not to maintain our friendship. His wife, Edith, divorced him. His ministry was limited due to his connection with the religious community in Orleans, and I sense that he never became free within himself.

  19. Patrick:
    John Adams also said:

    “The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole cartloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity.”

    He also said:

    “This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.”

  20. David,

    It appears then that someone is either getting a bad feed of historical revisionism and distortion, or there is a misrepresenting (quote mining) of founding father quotes and sayings, because I don’t think the eminent founders were so cognitively dissonant on religion. However, I do believe the record clearly shows they had a hatred for religious abuse, not religious practice, and this discriminating fine line could be where some of the confusion comes in. The following is from “Religion and the Founding of the American Republic” ~ Library of Congress

    “…The first two Presidents of the United States were patrons of religion–George Washington was an Episcopal vestryman, and John Adams described himself as ‘a church going animal.’ Both offered strong rhetorical support for religion. In his Farewell Address of September 1796, Washington called religion, as the source of morality, “a necessary spring of popular government,” while Adams claimed that statesmen “may plan and speculate for Liberty, but it is Religion and Morality alone, which can establish the Principles upon which Freedom can securely stand…”

    To all interested parties, I’ll sign off by submitting the web page for “Religion and the Founding of the American Republic.”

    God Bless


  21. Here’s the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, which was the model for the religious freedom clause of the US Constitution.
    Jefferson and Madison were both instrumental in its development.
    The principle members of the founding fathers were Deists.
    A Deist is not a “Christian”, although many respected the actual words and teachings of Jesus Christ.

    The Nazis had the great mass of the German people believing they were restoring Christianity to its place of importance in German life.
    Need some proof of that?

  22. ps. Peter Marshall may have been a good and great man, but if you persist in perpetuating falsehoods in his name, you will not honor his memory.

  23. Peter and I used to talk at times while I was at Princeton. Later, he spoke to a group where I pastored on Hilton Head, Is., S.C. Even later, I took some of my Jacksonville, Fl., members to hear one of his presentations. I remember stories of his intense discipleship and its’ eventual effect on both his church and his ministry. I can only surmise that his profound devotion (trying to live in the shadow of or competition with his great father?) was psychologically “set” long before his years of pro /con ministry became solidified. On one hand, his maybe-distorted prophetic efforts still portrayed a man who, for whatever mix of psychological reasons, did love the America his father knew and the God his Scottish father served with distinction and honor. It is hard for the child of any such religious notibles to follow in the footsteps of their beloved parents and not have trouble finding their own identity. Just ask the children of Billy Graham, the Roberts family, the Bakker family, etc., etc. etc. As for you and me, show a bit of mercy, try and love what you think God loves, be distressed at what you think distresses God and use your own thinking processes. The man tried. He cared. God will use his strengths and his weaknesses, regardless.

    1. Dr. Black,
      Comments are moderated, so they don’t immediately appear. (If they don’t violate the guidelines in our Comments Policy, nearly all are approved.) If a moderator isn’t available, it can take a bit longer, too.

      Thanks for your post.

  24. I knew Peter for many years. His Mom, Catherine and step-father, Leonard, were two of the founders of New Covenant Church in Pompano Beach,Florida, back in 1977. I witnessed the tremeondous emotional damage that the Community of Jesus inflicted upon Catherine and the rest of the family. One fall he temporarily left the COJ and spend much time with me attempting to process the emotional damage of the Communities cultic teachings. Unfortunately, he was never able to shake that indoctrination.
    Peter was a man who could not get away from his Father’s reputation. He loved the Lord and was a very bright and charismic minister of the Gospel. He is home now and reunited with his Mom and Dad. i know it must have been a wonderful reunion. “Well done good and faithful servant’….he who is without sin. let him cast the first stone.

  25. Yes, I knew Peter Marshall. He loved the Lord and really wanted to help people know the Lord. He was very intense and I know he had problems being the “son of”. Peter taught me about dying to self and I can’t believe the things being said about his memory. I am sorry to learn that he was divorce and pray nothing but the best for his family.

    Norma Mills

  26. I have known about Dr. Peter Marshall Sr. and his wife Catherine for many years. He reminded me of my own father who was one year younger than he was and came from Glasgow and worked in the shipyards like Dr. Marshall.

    I am very sad to hear about the homegoing of Rev. Peter Marshall, Junior. His father’s death when he was such a young child is something many people never recover from. I was amazed to know about his association with the COJ and can empathize with how difficult it must have been to try to shake such an indoctrination.

    I look forward to that day in glory the Apostle John describes:

    9After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, including Scots, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;
    10And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sits upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.
    They are before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sits on the throne shall dwell among them.
    16They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.
    17For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

    Thanks be to God. Amen.

  27. Peter Joseph Marshall III has legitimate and illegitimate concerns. The Saudi Royal Family is the keeper of Islam’s high holy places. They are also monarchists. Seeing as how Americans were anti-monarchists….and none more strongly than the early Free Masons of the Washington and Franklin bent, that movement was usurped by the Scottish Rite Masonry of Alfred Pike, the American Tory and some say Satanist. His leadership in American SR circles connected to the Jacobite Scots vs. those of the Protestant/anti-monarchical ilk. So which was Rev. Peter Marshall Sr. the chaplain of the U.S. Senate? Presbyterian? Okay, but that being the case why do even Presbyterian leaders practice monarchical principles in the propagation of their religious dynasties? Billy Graham? Robert Schuller? Marshall?

    Anyone who has read or seen A Man Called Peter, is inspired, but in the midst of World War II and in the build up prior to it, was Peter seriously asking as Pearl S. Buck, the daughter of Presbyterian missionaries in China did….what the heck were American China Traders, like the Brits before them, really doing in Hong Kong, Shanghai and the back waters of the Yangtze? And was Commodore Perry’s forcing open a trading relationship with the orient any more likely to bring about peace, harmony and world unity than practicing what our missionaries preached? The Midshipmen who heard Peter Marshall’s sermon on the Sunday morning of the Pearl Harbor attack deserved to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the unvarnished truth. Our power elites were selling the Chinese and anyone else they could into economic slavery through the sale of opium from Turkey, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan to the Chinese and Japanese, just as the British East India Company had done before. And Caleb Cushing, Cornelius Vander Starr, the Rockefellers and Roosevelts did as Americans. The U.S. Navy provided the muscle to protect the trade, just as with the Gulf of Tonkin affair, which Col Bo Gritz, Col Daniel Martin and others have verified….and as we are now doing in this laborious. protracted and unnecessary war on terror in the same poppy rich region. We protect it just as we did the Saudi Royal family following 911….well, now “we”, but them….the same usual suspects….our power elites….God bless their little….and I mean little…..souls!

    “The nation that follows Christ will lead the world,” Peter was famously remembered for saying. Yea, so get on with it!

  28. Correction to above: “Peter JONATHAN Marshall III” and “ALBERT Pike” not “Alfred Pike”. My apologies. For Gritz’s testimony see his many TV appearances. For Daniel Martin’s read his book The Expendible Elite. The US Special Forces Association sued Martin for slander in South Carolina…..SOUTH CAROLINA…. and lost!

  29. Additionally….Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, Peter J. Marshall, Sr. was made an honorary member of the Scottish Rite Temple Noyes Lodge No. 32, Washington D.C. on Jan. 25, 1942. Caleb Cushing negotiated the first U.S. trade agreements with the Chinese and he was accompanied by Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ future aide de camp, Edward Cary Walthall from Mississippi. Jefferson Davis would appoint Albert Pike, later a top judicial officer of the KKK and Arkansas Grand Dragon, as the South’s leading agent for Indian Affairs, but the Boston Brahman, Caleb Cushing, who consulted with Jefferson Davis who had personally surveyed the southern rail route from Texas to San Diego, thus cutting short the China Traders’ journeys to the U.S. and Europe, would never relinquish his support of slavery…..nor of the opium dealing China Trade. During World War II and the years preceding it, William Rhodes Davis, became Hitler’s oil agent in the U.S. supplying Texas crude to the Koch built refineries in Germany. He bragged of his ancestral connections to English industrialist, Cecil Rhodes as well as to Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. You can read about him in Dale Harrington’s Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence. Our current drug policies, prohibiting above the table while allowing beneath it to the benefit of a select few, has called for an Oedipal response from dutiful sons and daughters of our iconic myth-makers.

  30. Corrections: It’s been a while since I studied this so sometimes my facts get a bit twisted. Caleb Cushing had with him on his China trip, William Tecumseh Walthall from Mobile, Alabama, a relative of General Edward Cary Walthall, for whom Camp Walthall in Mississippi is named and where most of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders were trained….ECW was the aide de camp to Jefferson Davis. Still the connections to the China Traders and Cushing’s mission are revealed in these relationships. William T. Walthall, a mathematician, took sick in China and had to remain behind. Congress paid his hospital expenses.

  31. Marshall is correct in his assertation re/Islam. If a person was a practicing orthadox muslum, Then true to his holy book, he /she would believe that killing the non muslum is the highest form of worship to Alah,among other uncivilized veiws. Get a english translation of the Koran and decide for yourself, this is NOT a religion of piece! You are NOT LIVING IN REALITY CHILDREN! Re Obamas education; What middle class family canr afford to pay for such pricey schools as the President attended? I am sure it was not all student loans or grants, maybe the Muslum Brother hood, or the like picked up the tab?

  32. A few years ago I signed up for Peter Marshall’s commentaries and before long I began to feel that his comments at times were decidedly un christian for a man of the cloth. I was so disappointed as I had hoped to receive some inspiration from a Christian minister, not political rantings of a bigoted elitist.

  33. Marshall is correct. Those who disagree are ignorant both spiritually, socially and geopolitically. Muslims worship a strange god and will always bring death, not life… always. Christians have become too tolerant, immature and ignorant about their own God and the ways of this world. That is why Western Christendom is quickly fading. It is at war and is not even aware of it. Muslims are just one of the pawns being used to destroy Christianity… if Christians dont do it first. Just as the House of Israel of old allowed foreigners to bring in their false gods (disobeying the Lord) and the Lord allowed Israels enemies to take them over, so too will this happen here in the USA. It has already begun.