Happy Birthday, Charles!

By Garrett Mize
TFN Youth Advocacy Coordinator

Students are standing up for science across the state this month as our Texas Freedom Network Student Chapters celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday at university campuses from Brownsville and El Paso to Houston.

Darwin Day is Sunday, February 12, and students are using the day as an occasion to highlight the importance of teaching evolution in science classes.

Next year the Texas State Board of Education will adopt science textbooks, and evolution will be a key battle in this decision. The purpose of these TFN campus events is to educate students about irresponsible efforts by politicians to dumb-down what public schools teach about evolution.

This is also an opportunity to mobilize students into advocacy around science education standards.

TFN believes Texas students deserve a 21st-century science education that prepares them to succeed in college and the jobs of tomorrow.

During debate over new public school science standards in 2009, the Texas Freedom Network and other supporters of sound science education persuaded a majority of State Board of Education members to strip out a requirement that students learn about phony “weaknesses” of evolution. Unfortunately, far-right pressure groups succeeded in opening the door to other creationist attacks on evolution in science classrooms, so the controversial debate over how to teach evolution in Texas is not yet over.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Charles!

  1. Careful about using the term dumbed down. That is all we do in Texas so kids pass tests without being able to think critically.

    As far as evolution: As a devout born-again Christian and public school teacher I don’t understand why the religious right is trying to block evolutionary teaching. All evolution means is change and let’s face it things evolve constantly. I don’t believe in a “Big Bang” or that species jump. I believe in Genesis 1:1 but that is not an argument or an apologetic for debating evolution.

    Like David Barton in the Social Studies some very ignorant people who thrive on emotions rather than sound research and thesis exist in the sciences as well. To bad for the kids.