Greg Abbott’s Hypocrisy

Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott is getting well-deserved criticism for his comments at a conservative forum about city ordinances that ban fracking and disposable plastic bags at stores. Claiming that such measures show that Texas is being “Californianized,” Abbott absurdly argued that they represent intolerable limits on freedom:

“That is contrary to my vision for Texas. My vision is one where individual liberties are not bound by city limits. I will insist on protecting unlimited liberty to make sure Texas will continue to grow and prosper.”

Critics are rightly pointing out the hypocrisy in those statements. Abbott — like most Texas Republicans — has for years made a big deal about defending “local control” against state and federal interference. But it turns out that when local communities pass ordinances Abbott doesn’t like, “local control” becomes just another example of government tyranny that threatens individual liberty. Political expediency, not principle, guides our incoming governor.

But there’s another way that Abbott’s statements here are deeply hypocritical. Abbott claims that he “will insist on protecting unlimited liberty,” but that conviction apparently doesn’t extend to liberty for gay people. In fact, Abbott insists on using a convoluted and pitiful defense of the state’s ban on the freedom of same-sex couples to marry in Texas.

When Greg Abbott decides that freedom means freedom for everyone, then perhaps his claim to “insist on protecting unlimited liberty” can be taken seriously. Until then, he just sounds like another hypocritical politician.

5 thoughts on “Greg Abbott’s Hypocrisy

  1. Screw Abbott and his BS. It is going to be years of hell for Texass thanks to that horses ass Texass calls governor!

  2. I voted for the best candidate for governor but the Texas voters put their heads up their “poop shoots” and voted for to liars instead.

    That moved me from the Democratic Party right back to being an Independent.

    Apparently, the voter of this state don’t care if they hire crooked people to operate the state.

    I upped my attitude, up theirs!

    1. I am just as distressed that our state continues to be run by right-wing republicans. However, don’t blame the voters of TX for what happened. Blame the eligible voters of TX who did NOT vote. Had more registered voters bothered to cast votes (which couldn’t be easier thanks to a generous early voting policty), then the results of the Nov. election would have been quite different.

  3. Let’s not forget that his version of “liberty” and “rights” do not apply to not only the LGBT Community but, women, women’s health care, POC, minorities, and especially the poor. Those people do not exist in Texas.

  4. Rhonda, I agree with you but the Republicans came out of the woodwork and voted for things as they have been all along.

    Their slamming what would have made a great governor as “Abortion Barbie” took the xian votes. As I said, they refused to remove their heads from their poop chutes and we’re no better off than we were with the former governor.

    I am ashamed of being a Texan.