Gail Lowe = More of the Same

If you wondered if the appointment of Gail Lowe, R-Lampasas, as new State Board of Education chair signals a new direction for the embattled board, Lowe’s fellow board member — and fellow culture warrior — Terri Leo, R-Spring, has an answer for you:

“Philosophically I believe she is the most conservative SBOE member. We tease her, that if we are not voting with Gail we need to check our conservative compasses.”

Gail Lowe might not decry public schools as the tool of the devil (a la Cynthia Dunbar), but her record on the board makes clear that she shares Dunbar’s primary objective¬† — to push her religious and political agenda into Texas classrooms. She’ll just do it with a smile instead of a sneer.

You can read reactions from fellow board members and other observers on the Houston Chronicle’s Politics blog.

4 thoughts on “Gail Lowe = More of the Same

  1. Gail Lowe does not have the organizational or leadership skills to be Chair. She is going to be a disaster.

    I can’t wait until next week when she can start making a fool of herself at the first SBOE meeting. She will even be embarrassing to the far right conservatives.

    It won’t take long for her to show her incompetence. She should go home and be grandma to her grandchildren. That’s something she can probably do well.

  2. Perhaps. But if Ms. Lowe fails, Gov. Perry (read: RR) will just replace her with someone who IS competent at pushing the RR religious and political agenda into TX classrooms.

  3. Lowe got the job because she is the only far right wack job left that has the time to be Chair. He can’t pick Dunbar; she’s radio active and he won’t pick a moderate such as Craig.

    Lowe was the only choice left to Perry. If she blows it, he’s out of luck unless another wingnut gets elected.

  4. Just an aside for Gail Lowe. In my area of the country, the locals pronounce the name “Lowe” as “Loww” (rhymes with allow). So, about 150 years ago, one could probably hear a person say:

    I never met Mr. Lowe. Is he up at the barn? Just how much does he Lowe? He don’t Lowe very much around here?

    It’ll be interesting to see just what Gail Lowe, “allows” on the SBOE.