Even Fox News Gets It

When it comes to Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk now in jail for refusing to federal obey a court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, even some of the folks at Fox News are getting it right. Here is commentator Gregg Jarrett speaking in a Fox News panel discussion he hosted on Monday:

“When she took the job she swore to uphold the law. We rely on government officials to do that. They can’t just pick and choose what laws they like and which ones they don’t. If they were allowed to do that, wouldn’t that lead to chaos, anarchy and so forth?”

Speaking on the same program, criminal defense attorney Sharon Liko dismissed the argument by a lawyer for Davis that the Supreme Court doesn’t have the constitutional authority to enforce its ruling on same-sex marriages:

“It’s just a ridiculously stupid statement. The Supreme Court does just that. They determine the constitutionality of issues; they resolve these kinds of disputes.”

(We should note that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, has filed a proposed constitutional amendment and separate legislation that would roll back the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the freedom to marry.)

Here’s the seven-minute discussion on Fox News:

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3 thoughts on “Even Fox News Gets It

  1. Prediction:

    1) Out of jail today

    2) Goes back to work and reasserts her authority to quit handing out marriage licenses and refuses to let her workers do it.

    3) She ends up in jail again—and so do the people who work for her.

    4) This is all staged.

    1. From what I heard, her subordinates are off the hook since until the final court decided they were obliged to follow her orders and are thus not responsible themselves. In the future that may be a different matter.