Don McLeroy on Civil Rights: Not Pretty

by Dan Quinn

It just gets worser and worser.


So the countless civil rights workers who put their lives on the line and women who marched and lobbied for voting and equal rights — all of those generations of Americans who demanded that our country live up to its promise of justice and equality for all — have “the majority” to thank for finally granting them the rights they should have always had?

Look, Don McLeroy is a very nice man, and he is not a bigot. But he’s not a historian either. Yet he and too many of his equally clueless colleagues on the State Board of Education think they are. And they are putting their bizarre and politically distorted beliefs about history ahead of the expertise of true historians in deciding what millions of Texas children will learn in their public school classrooms.

This will get worse, unfortunately. It always does with this board.

Hat tip: TalkingPointsMemo