Do Texas Eagle Forum and Empower Texans Hate America?

We often hear right-wing groups claim that liberals lack sufficient respect for the principles and rights enshrined in America’s founding documents. The protection of inherent freedoms, they argue, makes the United States exceptional among the nations. So we think it’s a bit ironic to see Texas Eagle Forum, Empower Texans and other groups on the right promoting an event that highlights part but not all of a key phrase of the Declaration of Independence.

In an email to conservative activists today, Texas Eagle Forum invites folks to attend the “LIFE, Liberty and Property Tour” in Dallas (Jan. 15) and Fort Worth (Jan. 16). Other far-right groups sponsoring the event are Empower Texans, Texas Home School Coalition, Grassroots America and Texas Right to Life. Attendees will be treated to “dinner and discussion with leading conservative groups, consultants, candidates and office holders.” (Exciting!)

Yes, we’re aware of the debates over the origins of the phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence. But who needs highfalutin philosophical debates? We want to know what Texas Eagle Forum and its partner groups have against the pursuit of happiness. Maybe they think property is all that’s necessary to make one happy. Or maybe they just hate America.

4 thoughts on “Do Texas Eagle Forum and Empower Texans Hate America?

  1. Just to be clear, they understand that life,
    liberty, and property do not appear anyplace in the Declaration of Independence or Constitution. “Life, liberty, or property”, does however appear in the Bill of Rights as part of the 5th and 14th Amendments.

    Other than that, I am not sure what the point of this post is. I can’t say this for the leadership of these abhorrent groups, but the people who will attend these meetings probably do love this country.

  2. Republicans cannot tell you what “Pursuit of Happiness” means to them. “Pursuit of Happiness” for Republicans means denying and preventing “Pursuit of Happiness” to others.

  3. Of course they hate America!
    they believe these points should ONLY be for Their families and those they like and respect, everyone else should be ENSLAVED as far as they are concerned!