Dewhurst to ‘Brief’ Pastors on Voter ID Law

We told you earlier this month that Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst seems to be taking a page out of Rick Perry’s political handbook in his quest for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate this year. The lieutenant governor is scheduled to speak on Friday at a “private briefing” for pastors in Houston. Over the years Gov. Perry has made such “briefings” a key part of his political strategy to court the electoral support of conservative evangelical pastors. But we thought it was interesting how today’s email from the Texas Pastor Council (another name the Houston Area Pastor Council uses) highlights just one of the so-called “critical issues” pastors will hear Dewhurst discuss on Friday:

Pastors, this is your opportunity to receive a private briefing from our Lieutenant Governor on critical issues such as the controversial Voter ID law. We will also be briefed by Pastor Steve Riggle about our stand for traditional marriage and what it means to the city, state, and nation!

Riggle has been involved in an intense anti-gay attack campaign against Houston’s openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker. But event organizers think pastors are particularly interested in having Dewhurst “brief” them about the Texas voter ID law.

Well, maybe they are. But we wonder whether any of them will ask the lieutenant governor what he thinks Jesus would say about a law that will make ballot access harder especially for low-income minorities and the elderly, all of whom are least likely to have driver’s licenses or other state-issued photo identification.

8 thoughts on “Dewhurst to ‘Brief’ Pastors on Voter ID Law

  1. Though I’m not convinced that the particular Jesus you mention would be that big a proponent of the whole voting thing anyway…..

  2. What makes it so difficult to obtain a photo ID ? There is no heavy lifting involved, no eye test, no education required and the cost is minimal. All you have to do is sign your name. My guess is that Jesus might say, ” adults should act like adults not whiny little children” in a more diplomatic way of course. He would also have a thing or two to say about illegal votes that can be reduced by requiring a photo ID. Stop being so ridiculous.

    1. Joseph,
      We suppose it might somewhat easier for folks living outside the 81 counties that don’t have a Department of Public Safety office (where one applies for a driver’s license). The fact remains that state officials have acknowledged that more than 600,000 people — for whatever reason — don’t have a driver’s license or photo identification issued by the DPS. In any case, as we said in the post, it’s rather odd that the Houston Area Pastor Council seems particularly interested in the voter ID law. We suspect Jesus would have advised that other issues rank a bit higher in importance for clergy. But perhaps the Pastor Council has a different agenda in mind.

  3. Interesting to read the myopic logic from people like Mr. Dyar above. I moved my father to the Houston area from Louisiana a couple of years ago. He is in his late eighties and legally blind with macular degeneration. A strong conservative throughout his life, he declared the unfairness of the new Texas voter ID law toward people like him. Standing in line – could very well be several hours – at a DPS office does not make much sense. Plus, Mr. Dyar referenced “illegal votes.” Seems I’ve read several articles that completely debunk the meme about illegal voting in Texas. Perhaps he can cite examples.

  4. I’ll speak up for Joey Dyar. Back of TFN.

    It is a well known fact that the 600,000 people in question are probably going to vote for Democrats. It is also a well-known fact that Democrats are immoral by nature and stuff ballot boxes with false votes. Republicans never do anything like that because they are mostly God-fearing Christians. The new voter ID law is designed to do two things:

    1) Ensure that Democrats do not vote more than one time—end their widespread voting crimes.

    2) Make it hard for the 600,000 who will vote for Democrats to come out and vote against Republican candidates. They will come out in droves for free cheese,, but I bet you narry a one would come out for a piece of plastic with a picture on it. This is where Texas Republicans rack up this Fall.

    It is like my uncle once said about Nixon and Watergate. A man has a right to defend himself against his political enemies. All the Texas Republican Party is doing with the voter ID law is to protect itself from its political enemies. Besides, what does it matter if that lazy, low-life, nonworking scum called the “600,000” misses a vote. People like that, if you can even call them people, should have no say in how this country is run anyway. They are a financial drag that pulls down all other Americans who are simply working hard to live out the simple, God-fearing American dream of building personal wealth, buying nice things, and saving for a comfortable retirement. That is what America has always been about. Right?

  5. Would be interesting to know if any of these elite pastors have done the Christian thing and included pastors with largely Hispanic congregations in their little pow-wow, or are they just playing it safe and lying and spinning to their Anglo-only churches.

    Then, as the Texas Voter ID law is a political issue above all, what are our elected officials doing advising churches on how to think and vote, in this case the way of the Right? They most certainly would be crossing the Church-State line if they actually endorse a Santorum or a Romney, yet the only bludgeon we seem to have to uphold that separation is, unfortunately, ineffacious, and they know it.

  6. A Voter ID costs more than a signature. Check the facts on this one. Calling people who do not have Voter ID’s “lowlife” is deplorable by any standards.
    Every eligible person should be able to vote and more importantly be ENCOURAGED to VOTE. If we had a high voter turnout, our country would then be lead by people who chose them. Currently, there are too many who are discouraged or eliminated from voting. Listening to reports people continue to think that “it doesn’t matter if I vote” when in reality every vote is IMPORTANT! Your vote not only elects politicians it also lays the groundwork for our Judicial appointments. For those of you who expect Women’s Rights to expand instead of regress, then look no further than the U.S. Supreme Court.
    If you check the facts, you will quickly discover WHY the GOP is working so hard to restrict voting rights and they have been working on this agenda for over 30 years.
    Help someone get their VOTER ID–be prepared to spend up to $50. It is a donation/gift well worth giving.