Dear Terry: Happy Now?

Reports out of Afghanistan say at least 12 people were killed today when a United Nations building was attacked in Kabul. The attack followed protests against last month’s publicity stunt by Florida Pastor Terry Jones in which the Quran was placed on trial, found guilty, and “executed” by being soaked in kerosene and set on fire.

The TFN Insider posts on the trial can be found here and here.

Much like the fallout from the shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords earlier this year, the blame game has begun. After the Giffords shooting, the accusatory fingers were pointed at Sarah Palin. Today, Terry Jones is the target.

The people guilty of today’s senseless killings are those who committed them. Whether Jones shares in the moral responsibility for those deaths is not for us to judge. But what’s certain (and what he simply doesn’t get) is that Jones’ hateful rhetoric and actions are not helping. So, Terry, for next time, keep in mind that when there’s a fire burning, you don’t show up to put it out with a bucket full of gasoline.

3 thoughts on “Dear Terry: Happy Now?

  1. Hopefully that guy and the likes of Peter King will have tons and tons of abusive condemnation thrown in their way. They deserve it.
    Yes, the blind ignorant idealogues who committed the killings are the murderers.
    However, those in this country have no excuse for their ignorance.

  2. Terry Jones is like a person at a cock fight. He goads other extremists (not unlike himself) to the point that they kill those that they hate (or are afraid of).
    We hold the organizers of cock fights and dog fights guilty of animal cruelty and they sometimes even receive prison terms. Isn’t this worse?!?

  3. You have to hand it to Terry. In one action, he has struck a blow for the Taliban that Mullah Omar must envy. Maybe the Mullah will give him a medal…