David Barton: Gay Folks and Abortion Rights Supporters Can't Be Christians

by Dan Quinn

David Barton doesn’t pretend to be just a historian. He also appears to see himself as qualified to judge who is a real Christian and who isn’t. See here, for example. Our friends at Right Wing Watch heard him do it again Wednesday on his WallBuilders Live! radio program.

Lamenting the fact that polls show many young Christians don’t think homosexuality and abortion are sins and that some have had abortions or are LGBT themselves, Barton insisted that they — those young folks — can’t really be Christians:

“Whoa. There is nothing in the Bible — nothing — that aligns with this. How can you be a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ when you don’t follow his teachings on these things?”

Here’s a fuller audio clip provided by Right Wing Watch:

Thus saith Lord David.