David Barton and the Tea Party

David Barton, the Texas-based WallBuilders pooh-bah who thinks government should promote his personal religious beliefs, has published an essay praising the “tea party” movement. No doubt, tea partiers include people from various walks of life who have what they consider perfectly reasonable concerns about government. Unfortunately, the tea party movement has also drawn some of its loudest voices from the extreme political fringes. But Barton pretends the tea party is just a big group of patriotic folks:

“The Tea Parties represent much of what is right in America – citizens reacquainting themselves with the Constitution and holding their elected officials accountable to its standards.”

Well, maybe. But Barton should acknowledge — and work to counter — the ideological extremism that continues to infect the tea party movement. Or does he think these examples of tea party extremism also “represent what is right in America”?

5 thoughts on “David Barton and the Tea Party

  1. See? I keep tellin’ y’all: These idiots are so stupid they can’t distinguish a Marxist from a Fascist. They only use those words because they’re the meanest, baddest descriptions they can think of. Definitions are immaterial to them.

    White slavery?? What the hell does THAT mean? Is it meant that Obama is going to order my employer to sack me and make me work for free? When and where did Obama ever propose that?

    And My my, the threat of violence. When I see a teabagger – or ANYONE- walking around armed, am I supposed to feel safe and comfortable?

    “The zoo has an African”? An African what?? Where is the noun that ‘African’ is supposed to be modifying? I don’t get it.

    A swastika? Usually people who sport swastikas are Nazis. ‘Nuff said.

    “Obamacare is elderly genocide”? Where do these doorknobs get such ideas? Obama hasn’t done anything to reduce Medicare. Actually, it’s the Repugniks who want to take an axe to Medicare – and anything that benefits the poor and needy.

    See now if Obama really WAS a Nazi or a Marxist, I doubt he’d allow these fruitloops to walk around freely with their signs and their weapons. He would have had them arrested and tossed into prisons for a long time. The folks in these photos seem to forget that li’l inconvenient truth. DUH!

    NAH! There’s no racism in the Tea Party. Yeah right.

  2. It’s obvious. The average Tea Party follower is uneducated with a low IQ. They can’t recognize how badly they embarrass themselves.

  3. Actually, I have a right-wing conservative relative who was pleased as punch to learn that her 24 year old daughter will be able to stay on her health insurance until age 26 because of Obamacare. And the news could not have come at a better time—a virtual salvation for her and her family. I tell you folks. When the word gets out about how good the Affordable Care Act is to the average American, a bunch of right-wing extremists are going to have a lot of explaining to do. Did you catch that? My relative is a church-going conservative. She is grateful to the Obama Administration for the opportunity provided.

    Smoked-filled Back Room:

    “Boys we gotta do something and fast to derail this healthcare thing (Said in James Cagney gangster voices). When the word gets out on this thing, people will start liking it, and before you know it, our political gooses will be cooked. See? See? See?

  4. Charles, I have a right-wing conservative Christian cousin who actually believes unemployed people are unemployed because they are lazy alcoholics and drug addicts. And, would you believe – this cousin of mine is educated and has lived in Michigan all his life? Michigan, which has 13% unemployment rate. In other words, he believes ALL 13% are lazy drug addicted alcoholic bums who are unemployed because they deserve it. Oh yeah, and he is active in the Tea Party and believes Obama is a Marxist Muslim. Or a Muslim Marxist.

    I am totally baffled and speechless that so many middle-class people are chomping at the bit to vote against their own interests. They can’t wait to vote for a party which is basically Robin Hood in reverse: steal from the poor, give to the rich. NO to the DISCLOSE Act, NO to extended unemployment benefits, NO to more $ to community banks so that they can make loans to small businesses, YES to the wealthiest 2% so that they can bank it or move more jobs overseas. The list of outrages has no end….

    I’m beginning to think there is a spreading national epidemic of mental illness.

  5. @ Cytocop CT (ASCP)…

    >>“The zoo has an African”? An African what?? Where is the noun that ‘African’ is supposed to be modifying? I don’t get it.

    See the image. “The Zoo has an African (Lion), and the White House has…”

    It’s racist as hell.