Creationist Tries to Set Us Straight on Evolution (and Communism)

The reaction to the relaunch of our Stand Up for Science campaign has been fantastic. It’s clear that thousands of Texans see the State Board of Education’s adoption of new science textbooks later this year as critically important to ensuring that Texas kids get an education based on sound, peer-reviewed scholarship, not creationist junk science. You can sign our campaign petition here.

But the reaction hasn’t been universally positive. Check out the email we got from one evolution denier:

I would like to direct your attention to:

Since you are so WRONG in your “knowledge” of science, you should make at least some attempt to rectify that.  The impression of a man’s footprint within that of a dinosaur could only have occurred if there was NO RAINFALL for many-many years to allow the sand to form into stone.

Also, you have no evidence to prove evolution.  There is NONE!  There is not one fossil to connect any living animal to a former form of life.  There is, however, plenty of evidence that there is no source for those animals living today; that is, there may be many opinions but there is no proof.

If you THINK that you know because of what ‘science’ has taught you, you should read Erich Von Daniken’s books challenging the FRAUD perpetrated upon the WORLD by the archeologists.

NO ! ! !  I will NOT support your agenda to ‘validate the fraud’ of pseudo-science!

You really think that ‘greenhouse gases’ cause warming?
Just HOW does a heavier than air gas do this?
What is the true function of ozone?
What does the presence of carbon monoxide do to the plant life?

A little adult thinking goes a long way to disproving the frauds.

While I by no means agree with the current school books, I am NOT going to LIE to the kids !

FYI – the communists overtook the education of the United States by purchasing collegiate publishing companies in the late 1960’s just as Khruschev promised.  The downward spiral of the Public Fool System began there as is documented in the continuing reformation of the NES Standards and there effect on the local ISD’s.

Think again,

Bill ****

Think emails like this represent just the ramblings of fringe fanatics without any influence over public policy. Unfortunately, the State Board of Education includes a number of members with similar beliefs. Take, for example, Ken “Cat-Dog” Mercer, R-San Antonio, who rejects evolution because he’s never seen a cat-dog or other hybrid animals. David “Ain’t No Monkey” Bradley, R-BeaumontBuna, rejects evolution because scientists weren’t around “when the first frog crawled out of the pond.” And there is board chair Barbara “Other Side” Cargill, R-The Woodlands, who thinks science textbooks should teach the “another side” to evolution.

The state board will hold its first public hearing on the proposed new biology textbooks in September and is scheduled to vote on whether to adopt those textbooks in November. Stay tuned. And don’t forget to sign our Stand Up for Science petition here.

16 thoughts on “Creationist Tries to Set Us Straight on Evolution (and Communism)

  1. “A little adult thinking goes a long way to disproving the frauds.” The operative word here is “little.” Soldier on, TFN and the rest of us. The creationists have an agenda and they’re going to keep pushing it any way they can. This summer I need to finish “The Greatest Show on Earth,” by R. Dawkins, then give it to my cardiologist, who, surprisingly, is of the opposite persuasion. We’ve got to help out any way we can.

    1. It’s frightening what a lot of doctors don’t know about biology and evolution. And we trust our lives to them.

      1. It’s frightening what a lot of medical doctors don’t know about human anatomy. I injured my lower leg, and the doctor referred to my tibia (the weight-bearing bone) as a “Tibula.” Of course, the other long bone in the lower leg is the fibula, a nonweight-bearing bone which functions primarily for muscle attachment.

        1. Thanks Charles & Epicurus. Perhaps that doctor was confusing your “tibula” w/ your uvula. An entirely different part of the anatomy…. But seriously, reading and following the logical process of evolution in Dawkin’s “Greatest Show” is very engaging and enjoyable hard work. Not as easy (or as much fun) as conjuring up mythical gods & space aliens. I hope my doctor will put some effort into following the evidence stream.

  2. There isn’t a single truthful sentence or even phrase in Bill ****’s pseudoscientific rant. I love it that he promotes both Von Daniken’s cult archaeology and climate change denial in addition to Creationism. If he is a Texan, then the state’s education system certainly failed him. Maybe he believes there are tiny invisible angels in his computer to make it work.

  3. You’ve got to love it when somebody cites Erich Von Daniken as the ultimate scientific authority.

  4. There is certainly enough evidence for evolution and the diversity of life based on the theories proposed by Charles Darwin. We need to understand the vitriol with which the creationist views any true scientific knowledge.

  5. Bill **** brings up Erich Von Daniken and his books which promote a third theory of man’s creation which is “Alien Intervention”. It seems to take from both evolution and creationism, and is often mentioned in the “Ancient Aliens” series on the History channel.
    Von Daniken starts with Gen.1:26 when God said “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. Why didn’t God say “Let ME make man in MY image, after MY likeness”? Who was God talking to?
    Von Daniken believes that ancient aliens genetically engineered subhuman species and created hybrids creating a “big bang” in human intelligence about 50,000 years ago. The main breakthrough was speech communication. He believes that the aliens created the Great Flood to destroy all subhuman species.

  6. I spent some time looking up Erich Von Daniken. Wow, what a rap sheet. Folks like him are dangerous — he’s obviously not stupid, but seriously delusional, as many con-artists are.

      1. @Marc Emrich: I think you’re on to something… Perhaps that’s where the “right” gets their inspiration — the Onion… or maybe it’s the other way around — who knows?