A note to TFN Insider readers:

We have noticed that some legitimate comments from readers get caught by a WordPress spam filter. It’s actually a pretty good filter — nearly all spam comments are caught before we ever see them (and we get hundreds of spam comments on unrelated topics ranging from Nigerian royalty who need a temporary bank account to websites that promise — guaranteed! — to improve certain physical attributes.) Unfortunately, the filter occasionally catches legitimate comments, too. That happens most often when a comment includes a link (and especially if it includes two or more links) or an image. But not always. We’ve seen some comments from regular posters caught by the spam filter even if they include nothing that might trigger such a filter (like links). We don’t monitor the spam folder because of the large volume of spam comments that get sent there, and we approve nearly all legitimate comments we see pending. So if you have posted a comment and can’t figure out why you haven’t seen it show up, it’s likely to be a case of the moderator being unable to get to it yet or that it has been caught by the spam filter in error. Apologies from us for that.

By the way, this is a good time also for us to remind readers about our comments policy.